Australia loses $3.6 billion a year because to long Covid

Australia loses $3.6 billion a year because to long Covid: According to an exclusive data study cited by the Australian Financial Review. Long Covid costs the Australian economy $3.6 billion in lost production annually.

The research by think tank Impact Economics and Policy concluded the economic impact came in at A$100 million ($68 million) a week. According to the AFR, based on data from the country’s Treasury that an estimated 31,000 employees phoned in sick due to the disease in June. This translates to around A$5.2 billion every year.

Australia has initiated a legislative investigation into long-term COVID to define the condition and determine the extent of its effects on the 26 million citizens of the nation.

While most infected persons recover, millions continue to suffer long-term effects. Such as breathing difficulties and neurological impairments.

Governments are having difficulty dealing with the situation. Which shows that the epidemic still affects people even if most nations try to move on.

Mike Freedlander, a politician for the Australian Labor Party, will lead the investigation. According to an interview with Freedlander for the AFR, the project will aim to determine the precise number of longtime COVID victims and the best remedies to aid their recovery.

He added that the investigation would also examine whether the disease should be recognized as a handicap for patients to qualify for government assistance.

According to a recent Harvard University research, having melancholy, worry, or stress before using Covid may raise the likelihood that such symptoms may last longer.

About 10% to 20% of Covid survivors have lingering symptoms, ranging from persistent tiredness and “brain fog” to hair loss and shortness of breath.

Another piece of Harvard research revealed that the anticipated cost of extended care for the US alone is $3.7 trillion.