Back Up Your World in Minecraft

Back Up Your World in Minecraft: Minecraft from Mojang is a Sandbox Game that allows players to do what they want under specific World Rules. Many players have created many beautiful and unique things, such as SMPs.

 Gigantic Builds. RPG Realms. Redstone Machines. These are all made on Minecraft Servers, which players can hop on and off. Let’s suppose that you or Minecraft need to make some changes. 

Before you make any changes to your World, you’ll need to back it up. This guide will explain how you can back up your Minecraft World.

How to back up your Minecraft World

When you create a Singleplayer Minecraft World, the game will create a file. These files can be accessed from the Minecraft Launcher by clicking on the Folder Icon next to the Latest Installs option. You can access it manually by entering appdata% into the Run Windows if it is not available. 

To access the Run Window, press Windows +R Keys. You should now see the Folder among the many folders. If you’re not in this folder, click it. You will find the Saves folder in the. Minecraft directory. This Folder holds all the single-player Minecraft Worlds game files. You can choose the one you like and save it on a USB or a desktop.

Alternatively, you can back up your Minecraft World by selecting it from the game and clicking on edit. Click on Create Back-Up. This will create a backup file in .minecraft/backups. To restore your Backup, click Edit or Open the Backups Folder. Copy the zip to your saves folder and replace the files.

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