'BANK of Mamata Banerjee where STOLEN': Adhir Chowdhury slam Bengal CM

“Bank of Mamata, the repository of stolen goods.” Adhir Chowdhury, a Congressman, made these startling remarks after Arpita Chatterjee’s Belgharia apartment was where the money was recovered. He said, “We stated it was the tip of the iceberg the day the first money was seized. Belgharia confirmed what we had been afraid of. Only thieves are aware of how much money is dispersed in such locations. Adhir’s remarks about the circumstances in West Bengal, “This is a scenario Bengal has never seen before. It was said that Bengal has established its position by robbing banks; thus, it is not falling behind.”

Adhir’s remark on this particular day targeted Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee; therefore, this is not the end of the story. “Partha Chatterjee cannot be shielded, and he cannot be abandoned. This is your right hand, Partha. You cannot leave since you know that doing so would put you in much more danger. To preserve himself, Partha will disclose more and more of himself.

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A significant amount of cash was also discovered in Arpita Mukherjee’s second apartment. Arpita is Partha Chatterjee’s “Intimate Friend.” Following Tollyganj, the ED searched Arpita’s apartment in Belgharia and found thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, and property papers. The money was ultimately removed in a truckload of trunks. Rs 2,000 and 500 notes were scattered around the residence floor, similar to Tollygunge in Belgharia.

Such situations have often been seen in Bollywood movies up until now; however, truth triumphs over fiction this time! The reel is falling behind Real! The ED is conducting raids on every apartment as part of its probe into corruption in teacher hiring, and they are recovering millions of rupees! But is it feasible that Arpita is the only one who has this money? Who handed Arpita money? Was Arpita’s apartment utilized as a money hiding place?

This apartment, like the one in Tollygunge, contains several wardrobes in a single room, according to ED sources. Two thousand and five hundred rupee note bundles were placed inside the wardrobes when they were opened.

Not one or two, but all of the wardrobes were filled with cash, according to ED sources! Modern tools are brought in to count the money to count thousands of notes every minute.

To count the money, knowledgeable personnel from the bank were called in. The vehicle was then brought. Overall, an amazing movie about the ED campaign once again!