Batman Arkham City Skin Cheat Code.

Batman Arkham City Skin Cheat Code: It’s been a long time since the Rocksteady Studios released Arkham City. Although it’s an open-world game, it employs various stealth-based techniques. Because of the nature of super-hero/supervillain Batman the game includes numerous costumes and gadgets. 

You must complete all of the single-player campaigns to unlock the bat costumes. However, is there a way to speed up the process? Sorry for that bat punch. This is our guide to the cheat code for skins on Batman Arkham City.

Skin Cheat Code in Batman Arkham City

There’s a cheat code that allows you to use all Batman‘s costumes and skins. Go to the main menu, and then press the Left, Right, Down and Down, Left and Right Up and Down buttons in the order you want them. When you hit the correct buttons, you will hear the sound confirmation

Then, you can choose any of the purchased or acquired skins before finishing the single-player game. By activating this cheat code, you can use any skin from the start to the end.

If you’re a vigilante crime-fighting in a location such as Arkham, you need Batman costumes to take on criminals. Here are the complete Batman skins:

  • Batman
  • Batman Animated Batman
  • Dark Knight Returns
  • The Year One Batman
  • Earth One Batman
  • Sinestro Corps Batman
  • Batman Inc. Batsuit
  • 1970s Batman
  • Batman Beyond Batman

The Batman Inc. Batsuit can be downloaded for no cost. However, you must buy the additional Batsuits to download the other Batsuits. The Sinestro Corps Batman by purchasing the Green Lantern Blu-ray version. Other bat suits are available only to those who have placed preorders.

The skin cheat code for Arkham city. If this guide has helped you, take a look at our section dedicated to console commands to receive various rewards and freebies at the click of a button in News Gater.


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