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Battlefield 2042 Cheat Maker is Deactivating Their Cheats

Battlefield 2042 Cheat Maker: Despite the initial praise of Battlefield 2042, the post-launch experience has met with criticism and anger in members of the Battlefield players.

 Many players point to technical issues, problems with progression, and the absence of design and features that were present in earlier Battlefield games as the main issues.

 There’s only the amount of work DICE can do to improve the problems with this massive game. But it’s also resultant in a shrinking players’ base.

 The problem is evident in cheaters who have decided to stop supporting Battlefield 2042.

The decision of the cheat maker reveals through leaker Tom Henderson. Who shared a message posted by the cheater in their Discord channel.

 According to a post by Panfyero, a member of the cheating group AIMEXCHEATS, the group will not offer support for Battlefield 2042.

 The reason Battlefield 2042 won’t be supported is because of its “ongoing performance issues” impacting cheating. And a decreasing amount of players wanting cheats to play Battlefield 2042 “since the game is dying.”

The cheats AIMEXCHEATS has designed to work with Battlefield 2042 will be in operation for the time being.

 Battlefield 2042 players will not see an immediate change. However, the cheats are available through a subscription.

Battlefield 2042 Cheat Maker

 Therefore, buyers won’t have access to the cheats when the subscription expires. 

Of course, DICE may release an update to Battlefield 2042 before that, which could cause problems with cheats that are not supported.

The cheater-maker informs lifetime subscribers that they’ll be able to change their subscriptions into the Call of Duty.

 This alone is sure mixed reactions in Battlefield players. However, the fact that cheaters have stopped supporting Battlefield 2042 is fantastic. 

It will move in the direction of Call of Duty because the active player base is a pain in its manner.

 It’s a strange feeling to think that Battlefield 2042 was sufficient to sustain an economy of cheaters.

There’s no evidence to suggest that the cheating person is frank in explaining the situation. 

Its primary goal is to maintain its customers and ethical standards. Which have nothing to do with the way it conducts its business.

 It may be that Battlefield 2042‘s anti-cheat system has hampered the cheater and is a loss-making effort to carry on in comparison against Call of Duty.

Whatever the truth behind claims made by the Battlefield 2042 cheater’s claims, only a handful of Battlefield 2042 players think it could do with some improvements in technology and a more robust player base. 

This is to demonstrate how prevalent this mindset is and the amount of work DICE still has to accomplish.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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