Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO

Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO: Pokemon Go has been celebrating its fifth anniversary and will launch in 2022 during the Heritage Season.

 Niantic’s ARPG is a genre-defining ARPG that continues to grow with new events, Pokemon, and other features added every month.

 The Team GO Rocket Leaders are a fun and exciting activity for Pokemon GO trainers. 

Each leader has a lineup of powerful Pokemon.

Arlo is one of the most difficult Team GO Rocket Leaders, especially with his new lineup. 

Arlo continues to use the same team into 2022, after the triumphant return of Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni. The perfect couple is required to fight the ex-teammate of Team Valor.

Arlo’s first Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Like many Team Go Rocket Leaders, Arlo always starts his battles with the same Pokemon.

 Gligar, a Fly Scorpion Pokemon, is Arlo’s choice. Gligar is Ground/Flying-type and is extremely weak to Ice and Water.

A strong Ice or Water Pokemon can easily defeat Gligar. This is especially true if the Pokemon is resistant to Ground or Flying. 

Mamoswine and Avalanche, Glaceon and Frost Breath and Avalanche, Alolan Sandslash, and Powder Snow with Ice Punch are excellent choices.

Arlo’s second Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Arlo can use one of three Pokemon from Pokemon Go: either Cradily or Lapras. Cradily is Rock/Grass-type, so it is weak to Bug, Fighting, and Ice.

 Lapras is Ice/Water making it vulnerable to Electric, Fighting, and Grass. Mawile, a Steel/Fairy type, is weak to Fire and Ground.

Although no Pokemon can overcome all of these weaknesses, some excellent options can be used to counter them. 

Lucario and Hariyama will easily defeat Cradily and Lapras. Mawile, on the other hand, is better matched against Fire-types such as Rhyperior, Entei, or Mud-Slap.

Arlo’s third Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Arlo will also send one of three Pokemon to him for his final choice in Pokemon Go battles. 

It could be Gardevoir or Scizor. Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy type, which makes it weak to Ghost, Poison, and Steel. 

Scizor is a Bug/Steel type, which means it is only weak to Fire. However, it also has a lot of excellent resistances, including Grass, Poison, and other poisons. 

Snorlax, a Normal-type, has only one weakness: Fighting.

Due to Snorlax’s inability to fight, players may use a Pokemon they have chosen to combat Cradily or Lapras.

 Hariyama and Machamp are good choices for this, especially if they have Counter as their Fast move. 

Scizor is more challenging and requires at least one Fire Pokemon in their team.

 Entei, Darmanitan, and Blaziken with Fire Spin are some of the most potent choices, especially when combined with Overheat, Blast Burn, and other charge moves.

 Gardevoir can best be defeated by a Steel or Ghost/Steel Pokemon. Good choices include Metagross and Genesect.

Pokemon Go is available for Android and iOS.