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How to Beat Elden Ring Crystalian Boss Fight Guide ?

Beat Elden Ring Crystalian Boss Fight Guide: Crystalian Crystalian is a form of boss within Elden Ring, one of many in this massive and challenging game. Their name suggests they comprise crystals and can spot them in various places within and within the game. 

They can be challenging to beat for many players, confusing the best method to beat them. If you’re one of those players, we’ve provided the right guide for you.

 We will teach you everything you need to learn about beating this foe during the match.

How do you beat the Crystalian Boss in the Elden Ring?

To take on the Crystalian boss of Elden Ring, go into The Raya Lucaria Tunnel. After making your way to the tunnel, you’ll meet the Crystalian boss himself.

We advise you to use two hands to defend your weapon if you encounter her. You stand a better chance of causing damage to your adversaries, particularly those like Crystalian. Crystals.

In your fight with the boss, you’ll be aware of two different-sized circular disks within her grasp. Of them, she will continuously throw the larger disk at you. It is essential to be on the lookout for this disk. The disk is likely to cause massive destruction, so be cautious.

 Be sure to steer clear of the disk as best as you can.

In the case of the smaller-sized disk, Crystalian can lob this towards you, even if far from her. You may miss it entirely because of the floor geometry and the disk’s speed hurling at you.

Another thing to be aware of about her boss is that she cannot walk. If you pay attention, you’ll see that she often is seen leaping into the air before unleashing an attack on you.

When fighting this boss, we suggest you attempt and keep in the same vicinity of Crystalian. The goal is to smash the crystal body’s exterior guard the boss. Once you have succeeded, the remainder of the fight will be much more straightforward. 

With the exterior portion of the body gone, the boss is the same as any other average adversary. This means that she is no longer a challenge for you. Continue to unleash a torrent of assaults on the weak boss, and you’ll beat her in only a couple of seconds.

After defeating Crystalian after defeating Crystalian, you’ll receive the Miller’s bell for Smithing Stone Bearing (1) after you’ve received this item, head into Roundtable Hold and hand it over to an NPC near the library for the possibility of purchasing level 1 and Level two Smithing Stone shards.

You have to know about the Elden Ring boss fight against Crystalian. As you can see, this battle isn’t as scary as it seems. Stay away from circular disks like those mentioned above, and you’ll be in good shape!

Once you’ve got all the information about the fight, have time to look through this guide. Elden Ring Guides.



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