Before We Leave is available on Nintendo Switch

Before We Leave is available on Nintendo Switch: Before its debut on the Switch, Before We Leave was only available on the PC. However, Nintendo marked the game’s arrival with a gameplay trailer.

The brand-new launch trailer can see right here on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel:

Before We Leave has traveled a long way to reach consoles. It will finally launch on the Xbox and PlayStation in November 2021 and April 2018, respectively.

The release sequence of the city-building game was odd since it presumably would have worked better on a Switch’s mobile gaming platform.

At the same time, it would have been ideal for the Xbox Game Pass. It is also appropriately described as a cozy game rather than the competitive games for which Xbox is famous.

Before We Leave and other games of the same genre, like Civilization or Minecraft, quickly drew comparisons from many enthusiasts. However, the graphic style resembles a game played at a table, even emulating the hexagonal pieces of vintage games like Catan.

The debut video displays various settings, buildings, and farms that invite strategic play from players. However, the look is quite adorable, down to the “Peeps” (people that are busy running about) (an amusingly dated term).

Players may go beyond the lands on their own and even venture into space, but it is home to hazardous Space Whales, according to the trailer’s description.

The game’s creators are Team 17, a British developer and publisher well known for their work on the Worms and Overcooked video game franchises.

As a result, Team 17 has a long history of making fun, independent games. Before We Leave has just as much aesthetic attractiveness as other films in the category, even if it isn’t nearly as groundbreaking or inventive.