Beginner's Guide to Dinkum

Beginner’s Guide to Dinkum: Dinkum is the ideal combination of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley with an Australian flair. Players are immediately forced into the quest to transform this burned area into a paradise after landing on a relatively unpopulated island.

However, there isn’t much guidance on how to accomplish anything; the player has the globe at their disposal, but it may be challenging to open.

This tutorial will help you get started in the Dinkum universe, from obtaining Certification Points to learning how to keep your energy levels up.

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How to advance swiftly in Dinkum

Dinkum uses licensing levels as a gate to control progression. These permissions require to buy and use tools and often access trade-specific recipes and destinations. Such as the Deep Mines. At first, glance, obtaining certification points could appear like a difficult task, but it isn’t.

Players will want to finish every daily goal they can over the first few days. These objectives can be accessed by pressing “J” and looking to the right side for your everyday purposes.

All of them provide Certification Points. Milestones are located on the left; after reaching one, click the marker to get 100 simple Cert points. It is simple to unlock every tool in the first week.

Utilize your tools

You acquire expertise in a field every time you successfully harvest anything with a tool, whether a fish or a tree log. Therefore, players may improve that particular skill tree license to utilize more robust equipment every ten levels of experience.

Players should constantly seek to optimize their equipment utilization every day to move through the levels, whether it’s an updated tool or accessing a whole new underground location.

To speed up the opening of the Deep Mines, it advise to try to attain level 10 in mining first. However, foraging (via woodcutting) may unlock the keg for manufacturing health and stamina potions.

Make sure you’re out there exerting every last bit of energy since each tree provides unique benefits that are likely to enhance the skill tree’s utilization (and resources gained).

Avoid fainting

There is a limited quantity of energy for every day, just as in Stardew Valley. However, when you eat, this energy replenishes fast, and when you relax afterward, it fills gradually.

Players may experience energy shortages in the game’s early stages, which will exacerbate if hunting restricted.

Gather fruit from nearby trees and place it on the campfire that Fletch told you to construct. Generally speaking, especially when it comes to fruits, cooked meals provide more energy than raw ones.

You’re at risk of losing consciousness as the screen starts to turn white, so eat quickly before the day lost.

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The Fletch Method

Players will first encounter a grandmother-like old lady named Fletch. She provides a relatively simple roadmap for getting your island paradise back on track, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re doing each work she assigns as soon as possible to advance your island development.

Check your diary and click the “Tasks” tab to see what you’re working toward if you’re ever unclear about what to accomplish next. Future jobs may take many days, so avoid becoming sidetracked by personal accomplishments and failing to advance the town.

steady and gradual

Dinkum is ultimately a game that lends itself nicely to play slowly. Players shouldn’t feel pressured to rush through three levels a day or feel forced to min/max at all times.

Starting on the first day, gamers may discover many unique items.
Remember to pause and smell the Roo Poo.