Beijing's death toll from western China's earthquake increases to 93

Beijing’s death toll from western China’s earthquake increases to 93: According to officials, ninety-three people have died due to a significant earthquake that struck western China.
Last week’s magnitude 6.8 earthquake mainly damaged the Ganze Tibetan Autonomous Region in the province of Sichuan.

As of Sunday evening, 25 more individuals were still unaccounted for, according to rescuers, CCTV said. Heavy rains and the possibility of landslides hindered the search for survivors and the retrieval of the dead, forcing some people to relocate to makeshift shelters.

The earthquake also hit the provincial capital of Chengdu, and inhabitants were subject to strict zero-COVID rules, which prohibited them from leaving their homes. However, an online video showed inhabitants trying to exit their residences by thrashing at metal gates in front of apartment buildings.

Tens of millions are still subject to China’s strict zero-COVID regulations. However, according to the local administration, a few areas in Chengdu with no new COVID19 instances would permitted to reopen on Monday.

But most of its 21 million citizens are still under lockdown. Just 143 coronavirus infections recorded in the city on Monday, and more than half of those instances were persons who had no symptoms.

While other countries have reduced restrictions, China has maintained its extensive system of lockdowns and mass testing. The strategy adopted by the nation has reduced fatalities but left millions of people confined to their homes for days, weeks, or even months at a time.