Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee arrested by ED

The Enforcement Directorate detained West Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee today concerning a money laundering investigation involving the state’s alleged teacher recruitment fraud. Following the recovery of 20 crores from a close aide of the minister, the arrest occurs shortly after.

After finding the money, the Trinamool leader was questioned throughout the night. According to official sources, Mr. Chatterjee was detained because he refused to cooperate with the questioners during the interview.

“After an overnight questioning, Partha Chatterjee was taken into custody. When Mr. Chatterjee complained of discomfort during interrogation, two physicians that the investigators had brought in checked him. After the physicians gave the all clear, the questioning continued “according to source.

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The insider also said the investigation team would ask for his detention in court to get further information about the purported recruiting fraud.

When the alleged fraud was carried out, Mr. Chatterjee, the current minister of industry and commerce, had the education ministry.

On Friday, the Enforcement Directorate discovered 20 crore rupees in cash at the home of a Partha Chatterjee colleague.

The investigation agency said in a statement that “the abovementioned sum is alleged to be profits of crime of the said SSC fraud.”

Arpita Mukherjee’s property saw the recovery of more than 20 cell phones.

The Central Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the alleged fraud in addition to the Enforcement Directorate, or ED.

The CBI is looking into suspected anomalies in hiring Group-C and D employees and teachers at state-sponsored and -aided schools, while the ED is looking into the money trail in the scheme.

The central BJP government’s “plot” to “harass” its political rivals, according to the governing Trinamool Congress, was dubbed the raids.

The BJP has asserted that the CBI and ED are “progressing on the right route” and that “more skeletons will fall out of the closet,” while denying involvement in the matter.