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Best IOS Games With Controller Support

Best IOS Games With Controller Support: Aren’t you of the opinion that certain games are best played using a controller instead of a keyboard or touchscreen? 

Have you ever thought of having God of War or FIFA on your phone?

These days controllers aren’t restrict to consoles or PCs; however, they are compatible with games with iOS. iOS platform.

 It is possible to pair the wireless or wired controller to your iOS device to enjoy the whole experience of gaming. 

Scroll to the end of this article to find all 15 iOS games with controller support.

List of Best iOS Games With Controller Support

Here are our top 15 games you can play on your Apple devices, such as Apple TV, Ipad, iPhone, along with Mac that support controllers.

  • Among Us
  • Among Us garnered enormous fan appeal with over 500 million players per month in November 2020. The first traffic figure is in the range of 8.2 players.
  • The most recent update, released on June 15th, 2021, added even more excitement to the game with controller support for iOS devices.
  • The update also lets players create a lobby of 15 people and add new maps. Among Us is accessible to all iOS users.
  • Brawlhalla
    • Brawlhalla is a 2D platform game released by Ubisoft without any in-game purchases.
    • It has ruthless fighters competing against one another against Valhalla (Nordic Heaven).
    • You can play online ranked 1v1 or 2v2 games and casual matches with four players in which four players battle each other, or invite up to 8 players and design a customized room.
    • Brawlhalla is a game that can be played for free and includes a controller that is compatible with iOS devices.
  • Dead Cells
      • Dead Cell is a top 2D Rogue, combat, and action game.
      • The character you play is an unsuccessful experiment in an alchemical experiment capable of absorbing dead creatures.
      • Initially, Dead Cells was available only for consoles and PCs. Dead cells are now available in the Apple app store, with the MFi (Made to fit iPhone) external controller support.
      • It’s also available through the Apple app store for 8.99.
  • Sky: The Children of Light
    • Sky: Children of light is an open-world adventure that has won awards and is an award-winning game.
    • Explore the fantastic realm of Sky as you discover the secrets of seven kingdoms.
    • Since it’s a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG), You can also interact with your acquaintances and make new ones on the internet.
    • It’s also available on the Apple store for free, with MFi External Controller support.
  • Lineage 2: Revolution
      • Lineage 2: Revolution is another combat MMORPG alternative to Lineage I and is divided into four stories or sagas.
      • Explore the dark world of Dark Open World while you fight with up to 200 opponents in this game.
      • It’s available in the Apple app store for no cost and supports MFi controllers.
  • Limbo
        • Limbo is an adventure game with a dark theme and puzzle-platform game.
        • The character you play is a boy in the situation of Limbo and not sure of what will take place in the future.
        • The game’s bizarre and eerie visuals will make you feel awestruck as you play.
        • Limbo is available through the Apple app store for free and comes with the MFi controller.

List of Best iOS Games With Controller Support


  • Life Is Strange
          • Life is Strange is a story-driven adventure game developed by Square Enix.
          • The story follows 18-year-old Max Caulfield, who wields to alter the time.
          • It is split into five chapters. It allows the player to make choices to change the storyline.
          • The game is accessible on all iOS devices and is compatible with any controller that supports MFi.
          • Life is Strange is available through the Apple app store for no cost.
  • Stardew valley
            • Manage your farm in the same way as you cut down the vegetation, weeds, and stumps to cultivate crops and animals.
            • Stardew is an online RPG in which you get a piece of land. It will grow in the expansion of your farm.
            • It’s available in the Apple app store and can be purchased at the price of 4.99, including MFi controller compatibility.


  • Castlevania: Symphony of Night
              • Castlevania: Symphony of the night is an adventure-based, action-driven, and role-playing game from Konami.
              • Discover the Castle of Dracula while you take on various foes.
              • Created initially to be played on Playstation, Castlevania is the game that you shouldn’t play without having a controller.
              • Castlevania is available through the Apple app store for 2.99 and is fully compatible with every controller.
  •           GTA San Andreas
                • GTA: San Andreas is one of Rockstar’s top open-world adventure and action games.
                • A trip down the nostalgic journey in the game Carl Johnson (CJ) and take on missions to gain respect from your Apple devices.
                • GTA SA is available on the Apple app store for $6.99 and works with all compatible MFi controllers.
  • Call of Duty Mobile
                  • Call of Duty Mobile is the first-person shooter game which you can play through the Apple app store for no cost.
                  • You can play classic games such as Deathmatch, a battle royal with a hundred players. You can also play an intense ranked game with your pals.
                  • Call of Duty has limited controller support. It can be played within the game using Playstation and Xbox controllers.
  • Genshin Impact
  • Genshin Impact is a fan-favorite action and role-playing game developed by MiHoYo.
  • It’s an open-world game where you require to explore the world of fantasy to locate your missing sister. The game will have the guide Paimon.
  • Genshin Impact supports selected controllers and is available through the Apple app store for no cost.
  • NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition
  • The NBA 2k22 game is a basketball-themed game giving players an entire Apple Arcade experience.
  • You can play it with your buddies or participate through the MYcareer story with the most recent 2022 NBA roster.
  • You can also pick players to play a 3v3 street basketball game.
  • The game is compatible with Xbox as well as Playstation controllers.
  • It’s also available on the Apple Store for free and works with all MFi compatible controllers.


  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • There are a lot of racing games that support controllers, but nothing can match the hyper-realistic arcade-like experience from Asphalt. Asphalt series.
  • Challenge your rivals in a race by using a variety of hypercars. You can also build your community through the Club feature.
  • Asphalt 9 is now available in the Apple app store and is compatible with Apple devices older than iOS 9.0 that support MFi controllers.
  • Interloper
  • Although many games are on Top 1 in this list, Interloper ranks at the top for me.
  • Interloper is a space-based game that is a space combat simulation game in which you must modify, fly, and defend the spacecraft from numerous obstacles.
  • Although It’s available through the Apple app store for $5.99 and is compatible with all controllers that have the MFi controller.

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