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Best Monsters Tier List for Monster Rancher 2

Best Monsters Tier List: Monster Rancher 2 is a game created by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. for iOS and PC. 

It first came out for PlayStation PlayStation in 1999. It’s a game simulation that lets you fight, breed, and create monsters.

 There are plenty of monsters available in this game to give you. However, they are not created equal, and some are stronger than others.

 Let’s review the best monsters in the Tier of Monster Rancher 2.

Before we get to the top of this list, it’s essential to understand that these are only my suggestions of the top monsters available in the game. 

Some monsters appear to be more potent than others, and you might feel that they are in the wrong place. 

This is fine so long as you’re enjoying the game. Therefore, we will dive into this top list of monsters without further delay.

Monster Tier

Golem       S

Naga         S

Zuum        S

Pixie          S

Jell            S

Dragon      S

Hopper      A

Hare          A

Plant         A

Tiger         A

Suezo        A

Duration    A

Monol        A

Worm        A

Gali           A

Unnerving  B

Beacon      B

Centaur     B

Mocchi      B

Arrowhead B

Baku          B

Henger       B

Niton         B

Kato          C

Phoenix       C

Ducken        C

Gabor         C

Joker          C

Zilla            C

Mew           C

Ape           C

Jill            C

Ghost        D

Colorpandora D

Undine         D

Mock            D

Metalner       D

Bajar            D

The monsters of the S Tier are the best in the game. 

The monsters found in the A Tier are close to S Tier monsters. 

Monsters of the B Tier are great; however, C Tier creatures are decent. 

Avoid using D Tier monsters.

It is the best Monsters’ Tier List for Monster Rancher 2.


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