BJP alleges massive rigging in KMC elections

BJP alleges massive rigging in KMC elections: urges for repolling. 

Kolkata- The city is accused of massive fraud in Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections. 

Opposition BJP on Sunday got together with West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and demanded that he stop the civic elections.

Leader of the Opposition in West Bengal Assembly Suvendu Adhikari declared more than 100 cases of infractions at the elections, but less than 20 percent of voters were able to vote.

“Most CCTVs were not functional with stickers and papers glued on the camera, or the connections cut off Chief ministers are trying to turn his state to a dictatorial republic,? he stated.

A few incidents of violence, including throwing bombs at two booths as well as a few fights between workers from the political parties, ruined an otherwise uneventful polling session in which 63.63 percent of more than 40.5 lakh voters voted until five pm Sunday, the time when voting came to an end.

The drama unfolded outside the Salt Lake area house, where Adhikari hosted a gathering with MLAs from the party. The Bidhannagar city police shut down the entire area and barred Adhikari from leaving Raj Bhawan. 

He was to meet with the Governor by a decision of the State Election Commission that non-residents are not allowed to enter the city on the day of voting.

In a video posted via social networks, BJP vice-president Jay Prakash Majumder was seen fighting between policemen, asking why they were doing this.

A rank officer of the deputy commissioner was heard to tell his colleague: “We cannot allow you to proceed to Kolkata as polling is being held and you are not residents of the metropolis.”

Adhikari claimed that an officer in the junior ranks beat him. The entrances of the MLA’s hostel in Kolkata were shut until 5 pm, which prevented 8 BJP lawmakers from meeting the legislature party.