BJP MP Jayant Sinha:

On Monday, BJP leader and former state minister of finance Jayant Sinha said there is no “mehengai” (inflation), and the opposition has been hunting for it without success.
In the Lok Sabha discussion on price increases, Mr. Sinha argued that the government had taken steps to guarantee that the poor’s “thali” (plate) was filled with food and that the populace was protected from the effects of inflation brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic and the Ukraine crisis.

He criticized the opposition parties for giving out free things and stated, “People who identify as “revdi” are many. Choorma is prepared and has ghee added in Rajasthan as well. We must exercise caution around people who produce choorma, Sandesh, jalebi, and those revdiwalas who are havoc on the nation.”

He stated, “Delhi people have a halwaai who continues creating jalebi and he has moved it to Punjab and now that elections are approaching, that “Jalebiwala” is moving to Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh,” taking a dig at the Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

The MP representing Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh region criticized the Opposition parties, claiming that they searched for inflation outside of their areas but could not discover it and that their states should be their primary concern instead.

“Stomachs are not filled by numbers, as Supriya Sule Ji correctly said. When I visit panchayats in my district, residents tell me that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made sure that they are satisfied. All the poor received a free ration during the Covid epidemic, and everything was made accessible to them, “Yashwant Sinha, a joint opposition candidate in the most recent presidential election, stated Mr. Sinha.

“If you examine a poor person’s “thali” and ask him how much he is spending for rice, he will likely respond that it is free, and dal is equally inexpensive. Vegetables that cost between 10 and 15 dollars eight years ago still cost around the same amount, at most 20 dollars, ” said.

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Mr. Sinha said that the government had unrivaled control over the costs of necessities like bread, milk, and eggs.

“Since this was not feasible under your (UPA) administration, the poor man’s “thali” is filled with food rather than data, and his stomach is filling up as a result. You may not like it, but this is the situation. You may be seeking for inflation, but there is none to be found. If you consider it from the perspective of the average individual, we have filled their “thali,” “added Mr. Sinha.

To highlight the government’s accomplishments, he enumerated the programs that provide dwellings and bathrooms for the underprivileged.

“Ayushman Bharat has provided coverage for up to 5 lakh people; what price increase? We are distributing gas cylinders to millions of people in saturation mode. You are acting in the Well while searching for inflation but not finding it “He remarked, denouncing the opposition’s protest in the House.

“Because of the Prime Minister’s vision, who paid close attention and brought in Jan Dhan bank accounts as soon as he arrived, people are not suffering inflation. When Covid arrived, we made a direct payment into the people’s bank accounts “explained Mr. Sinha.

Feb. Dhan He said that the Trinity of Yojana, Aadhaar, and Mobile Numbers had protected the populace against inflation.

We had the financial resources and infrastructure to address the Covid issue when it arose, according to Mr. Sinha.

He said that the Covid and Ukraine crises were two significant “once in a century shocks,” and that the PM safeguarded the populace from inflation and made sure that the recovery had been such that India is one of the fastest rising countries.

“Compared to the US and Europe, our inflation rate is lower. Inflation during the UPA’s tenure was over 12%, compared to roughly 2% in the US and Europe. We managed inflation and accomplished what the UPA could not “He said.

According to him, term limits, like those implemented after US President Franklin Roosevelt won several votes, are the only option to prevent Prime Minister Modi from remaining in office permanently.