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Bobby Kotick is ranked second on the list of game CEO compensations for 2020.

Bobby Kotick is ranked second: When the pandemic hit in 2020, the population went into hiding for months at a time, looking for a way to escape through gaming or other forms of technology.

It was inevitable that many businesses in the tech and gaming industries would increase profits.

However, a new study by market intelligence company Games One has revealed the percentage of those profits in 2020 went to the chief executives of these companies involved.

In the top spot by a substantial amount is mobile gaming firm Playtika’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Antokol, who earned an astounding $372,008,176 total pay in 2020.

In the midst of it, all are Activision Blizzard’s, Bobby Kotick. He enjoyed his earnings of $154,613,318 during the months before reported stories in the press.

Bobby Kotick is ranked second

The toxic workplace at his company and his involvement in the scandal.

The study calculated its numbers using “a mixture of salary, bonus, stock, benefits.”

Also, it included the median salaries of employees for a few firms to figure out the ratio of pay between the CEO and the average employee.

Activision was, as expected, ranked at the bottom of the list, with a pay-to-performance ratio of 1:560.

It should mention that the top three CEOs who earned the most (namely Antokol, Kotick, and Skillz’ Andrew Paradise. All gained more than three times the pay of all the CEOs that made a list.

It’s fascinating to see these projected numbers for 2020. Particularly since analysts will soon be looking at similar numbers for 2021.

In the past few months, Activision Blizzard and EA have announced that they will be reducing executive pay.

However, Activision plagued by diverse issues they are still weighing.

If the figures for CEO earnings are too similar to those of 2020. This could be yet one more nail on the coffins of these executives who earn a lot.

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