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Booster Doses For Frontline Workers, Seniors Begin Today: 10 Facts

Third doses of preventive vaccines, which were announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

last month, are scheduled to be administered to frontline workers, health professionals,

and seniors with immune-compromised diseases beginning today. Covid numbers increase

across the country caused by Omicron.

The top 10 things in this significant report:

Around 5.75 million people qualify to receive the third dose of the ongoing campaign—2.75

million above 60 years of age, one crore healthcare workers, and 2 million frontline

employees.The health ministry has stated that there is no requirement to apply for the

necessaryvaccine doses. The eligible people can make an appointment or walk into any

center for vaccination. There isn’t a decision regarding the booster doses available to all

adults.Over the age of 60 who are suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension,

diabetes, and other chronic conditions can obtain a “Precaution Dose” according to a

recommendation from their physician.However, the eligible people for booster shots will

only receive them nine months after receiving their second dose of the Covid vaccine.The

third dose is the same as the one patients received for their first and the second doses.

There won’t be any mixing and matching as the Centre has announced. That means that

those who have had two shots of the Serum Institute’s Covishield vaccine will receive an

additional dose of the identical. Those who received Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin will receive

another picture of it.

“Precautionary Dose “precautionary dose” was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

in October, amid the constant demand for booster doses, in the wake of the Omicron


“Corona fighters,” healthcare and frontline workers” make an enormous role to play in

making sure that the country is safe… So in the standpoint of safety, the Government has

decided that it will begin the process of distributing “Precaution Doses” for healthcare and

frontline workers,” PM Modi was quoted as saying on the 25th of December.

However, since this Omicron-driven Covid rise, healthcare professionals and doctors have

been diagnosed with the disease – some for the second time, healthcare workers have been

infected with the disease. It is exceptionally high in metro areas.

“All Covid vaccines, whether from India, Israel, US, Europe, UK, or China, are primarily

disease-modifying. They don’t prevent infection. The preventive dose is primarily to

mitigate the severity of infection, hospitalization, and death,” Dr. Balram Bhargava,

Director General at the Indian Council of Medical Research, has stated.

A study in the UK has revealed the third dosage vaccine could provide as much as 88%

protection from hospitalization for infection due to Omicron. Omicron variant.



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