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Bradley Cooper Was Kept At Knife Point In The NYC Subway

Bradley Cooper Was Kept At Knife Point In The NYC Subway.

NEW YORK – Bradley Cooper recently shared a terrifying experience in the New York City subway while in the process of picking his daughter up from school.

In the course of an appearance on the “Armchair ExpertOn” podcast presented by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, the award-winning actress admitted to being held at knifepoint at the Manhattan metro station.

“It was pretty wild. Then I realized I was getting all too cozy in my city life, “Cooper said. “My defense was in a slump.”
Cooper confirmed that the incident happened in October 2019. However, he did not mention which subway station.

“I saw someone get closer to me, and I thought, “Oh, they’d like to take a photo or do something.’ So then, when I changed … I stayed on that post … then I was looking down when I saw the knife, “the actor remembered.

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Cooper claimed the knife was between 2 1/2-3 inches in length with a wooden handle. Cooper claimed that he was wearing headphones as well as listening to music throughout the day. However, he was unable to remember the songs.

“I glance up and I look into the eyes of the person, and I am amazed at how young they look,” he said.

However, what Cooper did next could surprise people. Cooper was the next to say when he realized that he was in the middle of a race.

“I just began running. I jumped the turnstile. I went to hide between the white tiles (subway entrance]. I pulled out my cellphone. Then he jumped and ran away, and I snapped one of him, then chased him down the steps. He ran through Seventh Avenue and I took two more photos of him.”

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Cooper stated that the incident led him to get two officers stopped inside an automobile and inform them of the details of what transpired.

“And the man would keep telling me … “Did you suffer stab wounds?” He remembered. “And He tells me, ‘No check to see if they’ve stabbed you’ as the way they do it is that people stab each other and then they’re in shock … And I checked to verify if he was right.”

Cooper stated that he returned to the subway and then returned to his daughter.

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It wasn’t immediately known if a report from the police was filed or whether anyone was detained for the incident.


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