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Breath of Wild reveals some interesting information about Hinox’s enemies.

Breath of Wild reveals some interesting information: The game was released in March 2017 as a title to launch on Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a huge success for Nintendo.

 One of the high features, which players highly praised, was the open-world concept. 

This unique design option lets players explore the vast landscape of Hyrule and battle a variety of bizarre creatures. One of these monsters around the globe was called the Hinox.

Hinox is like an ogre-like creature with only one eye in many parts within the Hyrule Kingdom.

 They are among the giant creatures in the game; they usually sleep in open spaces. While these giants may appear calm but causing trouble to one of them could lead to risk.

 When they are awake, Hinox uses their massive power to strike deadly blows on attackers. 

Additionally, they know to rip down trees and use them to make weapons. Recently, a player discovered a fascinating fact related to these creatures.

In an article on Reddit, the user known as Sloth-Cookie posted exciting information they discovered within Breath of The Wild.

 When searching the vast landscape in the Hyrule Kingdom, they discovered that Hinox utilized the tall pine trees as spears in the battle.

 According to a Reddit user, the attack style was distinctive, just like the other trees that creatures uproot during the game are employed as swords.

To demonstrate the aspect, Sloth-Cookie posted a video of Link fighting the Ja’Abu Ridge Hinox.

 The giant’s one eye could be seen flanked by a massive conifer in the video. After a short time to assess its adversary and then swung the huge tree forward. 

Breath of Wild reveals some interesting information

The massive creature continued the attack and used this pine to strike Link. It then launched a long sweeping attack but narrowly missed its target. 

After snuffing out the move, Link finished the Hinox off by launching the Flurry Rush.

This fascinating video posted by Sloth-Cookie has caught the attention of a large portion of the Breath of the Wild community on Reddit. 

With more than 2,800 votes within a single day, Many found this information regarding the Hinox interesting. 

One participant even said that, after playing for over 1000 hours, they not been aware of this unique feature of the enormous monster.

It’s thrilling to see fans make discoveries within the Hyrule Kingdom. In addition to this fascinating Hinox feature, players recently discovered an incredible water effect featured within Breath Of The Wild that causes ponds to dry up as time passes.

 It will be fascinating to find out what other nebulous details about the game’s fans find in the months to come.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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