“British Couldn’t Occupy Us.”: Congress Protests Rahul Gandhi’s Summons

In announcing that the Congress would continue its protest march in support of Rahul Gandhi, who is due to appear before the Enforcement Directorate today in a money laundering case, Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala took a swipe at the BJP by mocking their ideological forefathers’ role in the struggle for independence.

“Under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Satyagrah march would be nonviolent and Gandhian. Neither the British nor the present governing dispensation, who acted as British informants at the time, could halt it during the liberation war. “Today, he said.

Mr. Surjewala spoke to the media today after Congress workers were arrested ahead of a march planned for this morning to denounce Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi’s actions in the National Herald issue.

The claims in the case have been labeled “false and unjustified,” with the PM Modi-led government accused of harassment for political reasons.

He regularly referred to the Enforcement Directorate as an “election management department,” accusing the government of abusing the investigation agency to settle political scores.

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“The cowardly Modi administration has used its pet agency to contest the facts. There is no need for a cover for the truth. It can’t be stopped at whim,” he claimed, saying that the Delhi police had detained thousands of Congress activists and “thousands” of others. “To halt the party’s march, several barricades have been up.

Mr. Surjewala also released a thorough statement in Hindi on his Twitter account, which he reiterated during the news conference.

In New Delhi, footage showed Congress workers being arrested and thrown into buses while raising chants in support of their leaders. Later in the day, more Congress employees are scheduled to go to the streets as part of the party’s show of strength.

The protest march was denied permission by Delhi Police yesterday night, citing the “communal and law and order situation” and VVIP activities. Congress leaders pleaded with them to rethink their choice, but they refused.