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Britney Spears’s case comes back to the courtroom with dad’s involvement in the spotlight

Britney Spears’s case comes back to the courtroom with dad’s involvement in the spotlight. 

LOS ANGELES – The Britney Spears trial is set to return for hearings on Wednesday. Earlier, we saw surprising turns with shocking allegations, an engagement that the thirteen-year-old arrangement that governs her life will soon end.

After years of lagging advancement, the last two months have witnessed an increase in the “Circus” singer’s father, Jamie Spears, make an unexpected request to have her conservatorship close. 

A documentary has claimed that the singer’s phone and bedroom were hacked. Spears attorney demands that Jamie Spears be suspended as the musician’s $60 million estate guardian.

It’s unclear what will discuss at Wednesday’s hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court or the likelihood that judge Brenda Penny will make any immediate decisions.

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Mathew Rosengart, the singer’s attorney, has demanded that Jamie Spears be removed immediately as conservator through court documents.

 And the need for a transition period to be agreed upon so that the controversial conservatorship could end soon.

Jamie Spears has controlled his daughter’s business activities since 2008 when he put her under conservatorship due to an illness that caused her to fall. 

The conservatorship approved by the court governs her medical, personal, and financial matters. However, the exact nature of her mental health is not known.

In court papers before Wednesday’s hearing, Rosengart claimed that Jamie Spears had “crossed unfathomable lines” in allegedly keeping track of his daughter’s emails, calls, and texts. 

Also, it included messages to her lawyer and having the device listening inside her bed.

However, he claimed in the New York Times documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears,” released last week. Britney Spears seemed confused by the documentary.

“I must say I scratched my head a couple of times!!! I try to disassociate myself from the drama!! !” she wrote on her Instagram blog post from Monday. “Number one, which is the past. !!!. number two. is the dialogue getting more elegant? ???”

Jamie Spears has said his actions were in line with his authority as a conservator. He has resisted requests to step down and said a seasoned hand is needed to transition from conservatorship to becoming a regularly scheduled business director.

Spears increased her effort in June to free herself from the conservatorship. She told that judge during her initial public remarks that she felt it was abusive and humiliating.

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The public’s support for her has increased, and some of the restrictions Spears was adamant about are eased. She is now able to drive her car, and she said she purchased the first tablet.

The couple declared her wedding vows with Sam Asghari, 27, her trainer partner of nearly four years. They plan to tie the knot shortly after they have negotiated a prenuptial agreement.

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