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Briton handed over prison term in Singapore for not wearing mask

Authorities confirmed Thursday that a British man was sentenced to six weeks in jail in Singapore for not wearing a mask and harassing police.
The city-state, which has had comparatively mild Covid-19 outbreaks, has taken a hard line against people breaking virus rules. There have been several cases of foreigners being punished.

Benjamin Glynn was arrested after images of him without a mask on a train in May went viral.

The 40-year-old subsequently harassed police dispatched to arrest him and refused to cover his face during a court appearance last month.

Glynn reportedly delivered a spiel in court. He described the process as “absurd” and “disgusting” and said that the masks were ineffective in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

This prompted the judge to order a psychiatric evaluation, but Glynn was deemed fit to proceed with the case.

On Wednesday, he was convicted of violating Covid-19 rules, his behavior towards the police, and causing public nuisance.

On Thursday, a judicial official confirmed the prison sentence to AFP and said it was retroactive to July 19, the date Glynn was first sent.

As he had already served two-thirds of his pre-trial sentence, Glynn was released from prison on Wednesday. He will be deported, according to the local Straits Times newspaper.

Convicts in Singapore can be released for good behavior after serving two-thirds of a jail term.

Glynn had worked for a Singapore branch of a British recruiting company since January 2017, according to reports.

He was arrested weeks before he returned to Britain for a new job.

Nine Britons were banned from working in Singapore after breaking coronavirus rules while partying on a yacht in Santa hats in May.

In June of last year, four British men were similarly banned after going to a pub in a gap in the sidewalks.

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