BSNL vs Jio

BSNL vs Jio: BSNL and Jio are two of the largest telecom operators in India. BSNL is a state-owned telecom operator, while Jio is a private one. BSNL has been operational since 1995, while Jio was launched in 2016. 

Both operators offer a variety of services. It includes voice and data services. BSNL and Jio offer voice, data, and internet services.

In July 2017, the two companies signed a deal to exchange spectrum in 20 circles. This deal is expected to boost the growth of mobile broadband services in both countries.

BSNL and Jio offer a wide range of services and products. In addition, BSNL and Jio have announced plans to launch 4G+ services by 2020.

Comparison of Tariffs

BSNL offers more affordable tariffs as compared to Jio. In terms of per GB rates, BSNL is cheaper by almost half compared to Jio. 

There are no hidden charges with BSNL, and the prices are very transparent. BSNL also has a wide network coverage, which is not the case with Jio.


BSNL has a wider network coverage as compared to Jio. As a result, BSNL is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in India. 

It has a wider network coverage as compared to Jio. For example, BSNL has more than 90% rural coverage, while Jio has only around 50%. 

BSNL has been in the industry for a long time and has invested more in its network infrastructure. In addition, BSNL also offers a broader range of services, including broadband and landline connections. 

Thus, it is no surprise that BSNL remains the market leader in the telecom sector.


BSNL offers slower internet speeds as compared to Jio. As a result, speed has been a significant issue for BSNL when competing against Reliance Jio. 

BSNL offers speeds that are slower compared to Jio. This was one of the reasons why many customers switched to Jio when it first came out. 

However, BSNL has been trying to improve its services and is now offering 4G services in some areas.

Customer service

Jio is considered to have better customer service as compared to BSNL.

It is rightly said that the customer is always right. 

Therefore, customer service has become one of the most important aspects for companies, as it is what keeps the customers coming back. 

In this era of stiff competition, companies try hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way they do so is by providing better customer service than their rivals.

Jio is considered to have better customer service as compared to BSNL. In addition, Jio offers excellent connectivity and call quality, which keeps the customers happy. 

They also offer various add-ons and features, such as Jio Prime membership and Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan, making the experience even more rewarding for the customers. 

On the other hand, BSNL has struggled to keep up with the competition, which is reflected in its poor call quality and lack of features.

Conclusion: Who is the best?

Overall, Jio is a better telecom operator than BSNL. Although BSNL is India’s older telecom service provider, Jio has outperformed it in almost all aspects. 

Jio offers better voice and data services, has a more modern network, and provides more value for money. This is evident from the fact that Jio has attracted more subscribers than BSNL in a short time.

Given these facts, it is clear that Jio is a better telecom operator than BSNL. Although BSNL has been around for longer, it is no match for the quality of services offered by Jio.