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Bulli Bai case: Mastermind’s goal was to create publicity.

Bulli Bai case: The investigation into the “Bulli Bai” application investigation revealed that the

mastermind’s purpose is to gain publicity and create an image for himself, the Delhi Police

said on Friday.

The investigation has not identified any other persons’

involvement in the motivation of Niraj Bishnoi (21) into

performing these activities, and his behavior could be

Attributable to the kind of content on social media Bishnoi consumed.

Police officials have said that there is the possibility of his involvement in the previous “Sulli

Deals” investigation,

and they are examining the issue.

“There is a possibility that his network is linked to Sulli Deals. Therefore, the devices used

by him are being scanned.

Through him, we might also reach the culprits of Sulli Deals,” they claimed.

In an incident that was registered in southwest District, where a journalist woman had

lodged an accusation, Bishnoi had allegedly posed as a journalist and attempted to deceive

the investigation of the cyber cell, police stated.

“During the Sulli Deal probe, he tried to mislead our team by calling them on WhatsApp by

impersonating himself as a media person.

He also tried to extract information about the developments in the probe. We found this

through his phone records,” the official from the police stated.

Bishnoi, the developer of The creator of the Bulli Bai application, had previously created a

Twitter account posting sexually explicit comments on the profile of the complainant.

He even tweeted about the sale of the individual; police told the media on Friday.

One of these accounts came to light while the Sulli Deals scandal was being investigated.

Through this handle, he had tried to plant some information regarding the possible

propagator/originator of the Sulli Deals app, they said.

The engineering student, The Delhi Police’s arrest, had solved the mystery relating to the

several hundred Muslim females being placed as “auction” on the Bulli Bai app on the

Github platform.

In the course of the interrogation process, it was discovered that Bishnoi had previously

created a variety of Twitter handles that had the initial name “giyu,” which refers to an online gaming character.

The accounts have been identified as @giyu2002 as well as @giyu94, @giyu84, and the

handles @giyu44. A senior police officer claimed.

“The account @giyu2002 has been found associated with an FIR registered at the

Kishangarh Police Station in southwest Delhi.

In this case, from this Twitter account, he had made lewd remarks on the picture of a

complainant and even tweeted about the auction of the same,” the Deputy Director of

Police (Cyber) K P S Malhotra claimed.

The suspect created the account #giyu44 on January 3, 2022.

The account was set up with motives to discredit the detentions of Mumbai Police in the

Bulli Bai app case and pose the challenge open to police agencies to find him.

Bishnoi attempted to prove his identity as a citizen of Nepal, police claimed.

“The account @giyu007 came into light when the Sulli Deal case was under investigation.

Through this handle, he had tried to plant some information regarding the possible

propagator/originator of Sulli Deals app,” police said.

At the time, Bishnoi also created a fake profile of a girl and attempted to contact the

investigation agency in the form of an investigative reporter.

In addition, he contacted a variety of reporters and attempted to spread his false

information with his evil motives, according to the DCP claimed.

His father owns a ration store, and the accused also has two older sisters, according to police.

More investigation is in progress, He said.

Bishnoi, a local of Jorhat studying computer science engineering at Bhopal, is the fourth

person detained for alleged involvement in the investigation.

The other three arrested by Mumbai Police include a 19-year-old girl from Uttarakhand who

is also believe to be the prime suspect in the investigation.

The Bulli Bai app was launch in November last year.

It is update in December. Bishnoi was also closely monitoring social media.

Bishnoi admit during interrogation that he developed”Bulli Bai,” the “Bulli Bai” app on

Github along with the Twitter handle @bullibai_Twitter, and others as well, the police claimed.

This Twitter handle was launch on December 31.

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