BV Nagarathna is becoming the first female Chief Justice

BV Nagarathna is becoming the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. 

The Center has sealed the names of the nine new justices recommended by the Supreme Court Coliseum. That list also includes three female judges. 

As a result, BV Nagaratna, who is on this list, may become the country’s first female judge in 2027.

Recently, the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice NV Raman, recommended the name of the judge, not the Colosseum. 

The list includes the President of the Karnataka High Court, Abhay Srinivas Oka, Judge VV Nagaratna, the President of the Telangana High Court, Hima Kohli, the President of the Gujarat High Court, Vikram Nath, the Chief Justice of Sikkim Jitendra, Kumar Maheshwari, Kerala High Court Judge, Magistrate M Highkraj of Bella City High Court Magistrate M Trivedi, and lawyer PS Narasimha.

The total number of judges of the Supreme Court is 34. At present, a total of 24 judges are assembled. As a result, if these nine new judges are sworn in, that number will increase to 33. 

First female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India

As a result, one position will remain vacant. Meanwhile, Justice Nagaratna could become the next Chief Justice in 2027, among the names decided by the Supreme Court colloquium. 

Even for a month, she could be the Chief Justice of the first Supreme Court of India.

Since the formation of the Supreme Court on January 26, 1950, very few women have been appointed Supreme Court justices in the last 71 years. 

So far, only eight women have become Supreme Court justices, where a woman taking over as Chief Justice will usher in a news story.

Who is this judge VV Nagaratna?

Currently, BV Nagaratna is the judge of the Karnataka High Court. In 2008, she was appointed an Additional Superior Court Judge. 

A couple of years later, she became a permanent judge. In the end, if she becomes the President of the country’s Supreme Court, it will undoubtedly be a historic moment. 

His father, Judge ES Venkatramaiya, was also the President of the country’s Supreme Court. He served from June to December 1989. 

If the daughter follows her father’s path and becomes Chief Justice, she will fill a circle.