How to Calculate Your Spending on Valorous in Valorant

Calculate Your Spending on Valorous in Valorant: Are you curious about your financial spending in Valorant? Even while the game is free to play, players can make many in-game purchases to get unique weapon skins or hasten the process of unlocking new characters.

News Gater offers the information you need below if you want to know how much money you have spent on Valorant.

Calculate Your Spending on Valorous in Valorant

Use this official support website for Valorant to see your purchase history for the quickest method possible. Follow these instructions to find out how much you’ve paid on Valorant after clicking the following link:

Next, select the “Log In” button in red.

Use the credentials from your Riot Games account to log in. You will then send to the support page.

Click the “Get My Purchase History” button, which is red.

After a little delay, the website will show all the transactions you’ve done on that specific Riot Games account in Valorant, along with their totals, payment methods, and dates and times. The total amount you’ve spent on Valorant after adding up all the transactions is shown above the list in bold.

Are You Aware of Your Investment in Valorous Itself?

Because there is currently no in-game counterpart for viewing purchase history, you can only see your Valorant purchases in a neat list by visiting the support page linked above.

You now have the information you want to check your Valorant purchase history. Read News Gater’s in-depth evaluation of Valorant‘s most recent map, Pearl, for additional information on the most recent developments.

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