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Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer tips

Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer tips: Call of Duty Vanguard’s frenzied combat might seem overwhelming at first, but with our multiplayer tips, we’ll have you leading the way in no time.

With tons of Call of Duty Vanguard weapons to choose from and 16 maps to play with at launch, there’s a lot to understand.

Fortunately, we have a lot of gear guides that focus on the best weapons in the game.

Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer tips

If you’re completely new to the series, you don’t need to worry about getting destroyed by experienced players, as Vanguard features skill-based matchmaking.

This ensures that players of equal ability are pitted against each other, so you shouldn’t be meeting someone who has had ten years of prestige in every Call of Duty game.

A common misconception about FPS games is that you need perfect aim to be successful, but that’s far from the truth, especially in the Call of Duty series.

We will look at some of the components in detail so you can get started and improve your skills.

Always stay up-to-date with the current meta

The meta in modern Call of Duty games moves very fast. If you’re not paying attention, you could end up bringing nerfed weapons onto the battlefield.

It is also possible to create a sub-optimal load, making it difficult for you to keep up with the other players in your lobby.

We highly recommend checking out our gear guides for the popular Vanguard weapons; Our guides are regularly updated to stay ahead of the latest balance changes.

Slow down and focus on the minimap

This may seem like obvious advice, but there are many players who jump into combat without thinking about the consequences.

Once you hit the main choke points on the map, this is a good time to start playing tactically. Minimize the number of locations enemies can shoot at you by carefully considering where you are taking refuge.

Most of the time, if you take cover in a particularly good area, you can take out enemies running past you.

You should always plan your attack route by studying the minimap first; see where your team is before going into battle. The potential to earn more kills by venturing out on your own is far greater than staying with your team, but so is your chance of being killed.

Unless the enemy is using specific Call of Duty Vanguard perks, your teammate’s death is marked on the screen with a white skull.

Knowing exactly where your squad died makes it easy to track where the enemy is likely to travel.

Use this information to your advantage by aiming your sights into the danger area, also known as pre-flighting.

Study each map

Your first few battles on the new multiplayer maps will be frantic, but over time you should start to see a pattern emerge. Pay close attention to the areas where most of the action takes place.

Each map has certain tracks and doors that players must go through; Once you’ve established where these areas are, this is where pre-targeting can really come in handy.

It takes time to learn the locations of each of these areas, but this information can be vital, especially in the early stages of the game’s life.

Build different types of equipment according to the size of the map.

It is important to come prepared with multiple equipments to adapt to each type of map. There are many small maps that lean towards close combat; have a load of submachine guns ready, as this type of weapon thrives in tight spaces.

Similarly, if you are playing on a large map with a lot of outdoor space, you may want to carry a sniper rifle to take out enemies from a distance. You can get away with using an assault rifle on every map, but where’s the fun in that?

Use the new Vanguard mechanic

There are three new mechanics in Vanguard: Suppressive Fire, Blind Shot, and Mount. Suppressive fire, along with new destructible environments, allows players to dramatically slow down enemies by hitting them with bullets.

If you’re using a light machine gun, this mechanic might encourage you to continually fire at a group of enemies to immobilize them.

If any of the enemies escape and take damage, their slow movement will make it easier for your teammates to score an easy kill.

Blind shooting and montage go hand in hand. Once you are near a flat wall, you should be able to fire your weapon without putting your body in danger.

Your accuracy won’t be great, however at worst you will provide suppressive fire for your team and at best you will get a lucky kill.

The mounting system has been revamped to make it worth your while this time around. This also fits in well with our advice on slowing down in combat – riding on deck increases your accuracy, but also makes you an easy target.

This mechanic was difficult to use in previous games as players were unable to move freely. In Vanguard, players can strafe while mounted, allowing you to avoid shots and line up a better shot.

Complete the objective

Another tip that should be common sense, but surprisingly it isn’t! It doesn’t matter.If you’re going to do your best to choose a different game mode like Kill Confirmed or Domination, the least you can do is help your team with the objective.

You earn more experience points by winning games, so try to collect the most number of dog tags or capture every point.

That’s everything you need to know to improve your game in Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer modes. Speaking of multiplayer, are you familiar with the new Warzone map?

Caldera will replace Verdansk after almost two years; Check out our Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 guide to see what else is joining the game.

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