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Campaigners denounce the recent UK decision to delay the reform of Casino laws

Campaigners denounce the recent UK decision to delay the reform of Casino laws. 

The Guardian is aware of the UK government’s plans to reform gambling and casino laws until springtime and has prompted activists to warn that this delay could cause more misery and suicide. Gambling firms feed off the addiction and suffering. So how can MPs help them? Matt Zarb-CousinRead more.

What is a Casino, and Is it Legal in the UK?

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However, the Conservative party has announced a review of gambling laws in the 2019 general election manifesto as a reaction to increased anxiety in politicians’ and campaigners’ minds. 

The white paper was initially anticipated before the end of the year but was moved to 2021.

Many sources said to The Guardian that a further delay is almost inevitable. That means the government is likely not to release its plans until it has decided. 

It is scheduled for February 2022, regarding who will get the following 10-year license to manage the National Lottery.

Liz Ritchie co-founded the charity Gambling With Lives with her husband Charles after their son Jack committed suicide after becoming addicted to casinos during school. She highlighted research that suggests that gambling has a solid link to suicide.

“Every day, at least one person commits suicide due to betting on gambling,” the woman said when the group announced an initiative to demand an investigation by the regulator be conducted into each suicide case in which gambling was a factor.

“Every delay will see more families being broken,” said Ritchie. “When do we expect the government to act?”

Labour Member of Parliament Carolyn Harris, who chairs the cross-party committee that examines gambling-related harm, said that the review process was “gone on for far too long.”

“The government has made a promise to change our gambling laws by the year 2019. Two years later, they are still deliberating. The online gambling industry isn’t adequately controlled, making huge profits and suffering from being hurt.”

The delay can be traced back to a ministerial change that included John Whittingdale, who was generally thought of as welcoming to the gambling industry, which led to the appointment of Chris Philp.

At an event last week, Philp stated that the white paper would be released “in the next few months.”

He said the government was contemplating a brutal crackdown with strict affordability checks to avoid addicts and vulnerable individuals from getting into financial trouble.

Philp is believed to have come to terms with his new job quickly. However, the change in the staff inside the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is one of the main reasons for the delays.

The most crucial factor is the continuing contest to win an eight-year license to run the National Lottery, with Camelot having to contend with the fierce competition that could cost it the monopoly. It was held since the lottery’s creation back in 1994.

The Gambling Commission, which oversees the lottery and the overall gambling industry, runs the lottery license contest. It is scheduled to decide by February after the procedure has been extended for six months.

An individual who was who is familiar with the situation stated there was a possibility that it was likely that the National Lottery decision is expected to first be made public, thereby clearing an opening for the white paper following that.

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