Ben Stokes, the captain of England’s Test team, is one of cricket’s most sought-after athletes. Everyone knows what he is capable of, which is the crucial factor in why he consistently draws big offers every time he enters the IPL auction.

Stokes, however, decided to skip the IPL 2022 to manage his workload and give his all for England. The left-handed hitter last year had only played one game for Rajasthan Royals in the competition before getting hurt. Later in 2021, he took a sabbatical from cricket to take care of his mental health.

Stokes has acknowledged that the international cricket calendar will be a significant factor in his choice to play in foreign leagues since Test cricket occupies most of his thoughts.

“Our schedules are complete, and it seems like we play cricket all year round as England players. I believe that when our winter arrives, it will be everyone’s summer and vice versa. Therefore, people go here to play or tour to play cricket. So it is necessary to look at timetables and anticipate what is coming up. However, as I have made clear, Test cricket is at the top of my priority list, and I will base all my time choices on Test matches. I now must fulfill that as the captain, “Ben Stokes: Phoenix From The Ashes, a documentary on Stokes that will begin streaming on Prime Video on August 26, was mentioned by Stokes at a special media call held by the company.

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“Therefore, my commitment outside of any international cricket would depend on our schedule and the upcoming international cricket, but you know, I have played in the IPL for four years. Every time I’ve gone there, I’ve enjoyed it. It is an incredible tournament to take part in, not only for the IPL spectacle but also for the chance to collaborate with some of the top coaches and players in the world. It is really a fantastic experience to be a part of, however as I previously said, there is a timetable to be considered around the IPL timeframe “Added he.

Earlier this year, Stokes became the leader of the England Test squad. But, with the help of their head coach Brendon McCullum, England has changed how they wish to play Test cricket, and the term “Bazball” is now in the spotlight.

Stokes and McCullum have both expressed a dislike for the phrase. England has won four Test matches and lost one under Stokes and McCullum.

“It has been wonderful. Making sure that Bazball is not mistakenly referred to as our cricket is one of my and Baz’s key responsibilities right now. I simply wanted to let whomever came up with that word know that Brendon and I don’t like it. But for me and Baz, it has been a fantastic start. We have won our first four games, but what I find most rewarding is the way we have approached our cricket and our thinking. We might have lost all four of those games, but even then, knowing that people came to see us play, we would still be thinking highly of the way we played “Stokes said.

“The spectators that came to see us play would have loved each day of those games, and I have tried to bring that in a while, easing the demands of playing international cricket. When you think about pressure, you forget that we are in the entertainment industry. We are at the pinnacle of our sport; therefore, people are flocking to see us play. Sports are also entertainment.

For every session throughout the day, go out there and amuse people for five days. We have a fair chance of winning if we play strong cricket, but we will lose if we play badly. So although it is relatively straightforward, enjoy yourself and have fun, “He added his signature.