Cases in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Don’t try to do the extra cases after the game is over. There is no post-game free roaming in this game. The following is a list of all the cases in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One:

Main story

  1. The love of a mother
  2. Ghosts of the past
  3. A golden cage
  4. The muse of the foreigner
  5. Sacrificial lamb

Mycroft Cases

  1. Eel hunt (acquired in the Cordona Chronicle newspaper building after “A Gilded Cage”)
  2. The missing shopkeeper (reached inside the Cordona Cronicle newspaper building)
  3. Love, death and cord (Acquired from Mycroft’s agent at Stonewood Manor, following “The Muse From Abroad”)

Police cases

  1. The master of disguise
  2. The shingles collie
  3. Dividing the loot
  4. What was done in the shadows?
  5. The scapegoat
  6. Bee plan

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Cordona Stories

  1. The tale of the empty house (acquired by interacting with the auction notice on the ground floor of Stonewood Manor)
  2. silence is gold (acquired when entering City Hall Square for the first time)
  3. Treasure Island – Phase 1 (given by the town crier of the Cordona City Council)
  4. Treasure Island – Phase 2 (given by the street crier of the Cordona City Council after Stage 1)
  5. Treasure Island – Phase 3 (given by the street crier of the Cordona Town Hall after Stage 2)
  6. The Hand-Me-Down (obtained from the monument at the junction of Arnaut St and Scarlet St, East Old City)
  7. Flashes of joy (found when approaching the Legacy Theater, Queen Street, South Scaladio)
  8. Ghosthunter (sign near Drinking Dutchman in South Silverton)
  9. Pillar of knives (near Old City Bridge, West Old City)
  10. For the birds (found at the Silver Mines Monument, Northern Miner’s End)
  11. A crazy rogue (found near the ruins of the Fortress of the Holy Spirit, Ciudad Vieja del Este)
  12. Siren song (heard outside Drinking Dutchman in South Silverton listening to sailors)
  13. Blind (obtained by listening to the men inside the Cordona Chronicle newspaper building)
  14. String theory (obtained by listening to two men outside a police station; there are several other locations available as well, and there are posters with a violin on them)
  15. Iron coffin (found when listening to women standing in the middle of the police station)
  16. Street Magic (acquired by listening to two men standing on Harbor Ave between Fairy St and Thunder Rd, West Scaladio)