CBI's Second charge sheet in post-vote violence in West Bengal

CBI’s Second charge sheet in post-vote violence in West Bengal.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is investigating post-election violence. Meanwhile, IWC officials have started exploring the homes of victims of post-election violence in different parts of the state.

The IWC files a charge sheet in Barrackpore court in connection with the murder of BJP activist Joy Prakash Yadav on Friday.

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There are five names on the charge sheet. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has produced a second charge sheet about the post-vote violence.

According to police sources, Joy Prakash Yadav, a resident of the Muktarpur area of ​​Bhatpara District 1 in North 24 Parganas, was an active BJP activist.

She became a victim of political violence after the results of the May 2 assembly elections were announced.

On May 8, he was killed by criminals by throwing a bomb in the Bhatpara area. After the incident, they filed a written complaint at the Bhatpara Police Station on behalf of Jayaprakash Yadav’s family and the BJP.

Arjun Singh, Vice Speaker of the Barrackpore Parliament and the State BJP, visited the site.

In light of his allegations, two defendants named Tuntun Chowdhury and Animesh Pal are currently in jail.

However, the FIRs were submitted on behalf of five people in total. Although two were arrested, the other three named in the FIR have been since the incident.

On Friday, the CBI filed a charge sheet against five other people. Among them are local leader Lalon Singh and his son Chandan Singh. Police said they were fugitives.

CBI detectives filed a charge sheet in Rampurhat court on Thursday. It was about in connection with the murder of Manoj Jaiswal, 42, a resident of the district of Nalhati Township in Birbhum.

He was killed in the subsequent violence to the elections. On May 14, Manoj Jaiswal was reportedly beaten to death.

Police arrested Moinuddin Sheikh alias Mainu, a resident of Moralpara in Nalhati, on June 8 in connection with his murder.

Then, on June 17, another defendant Azimuddin Sheikh, a resident of Sheikh Para in Nalhati, surrendered.

Another defendant, Imran Sheikh, a resident of Chhayapalli in Nalhati, surrendered on August 28.

However, Faruk Ali alias Badal from Karimpur in Nalhati and Zahidi Hasan alias Chhoton, a resident of West Bidu Para, have not yet been arrested.

This time, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) launched an investigation into the post-election violence and on Thursday filed for the first time a charge sheet for the murder of Manoj Jaiswal.

However, CBI officials did not specify who was on the charge sheet.


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