Chahar’s excellent fight, help India won the series against Sri Lanka

Chahar’s excellent fight, help India won the series against Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka: 265/9 (Fernando-50, Ashalanka-65, Chahal-50/3, Bhubi-54/3)

India: 26/7 (Suryakumar-53, Chahar-69 *, Hasaranga-37/3)

India won by three wickets.

Perhaps the Rahul Dravid era returned to Colombo on Tuesday night. He was known as Mr. Dependable for biting the ground for a while. And it was Rahul Dravid’s coaching that made the Indian tail-enders understand that a match to win in this way. 

Despite the failure of the top order, the Bhubi-Chahar pair dramatically turned the match around. At the same time, when the Sri Lankan fans were kind of assuming that the series was about to return to parity, the two bowlers surprised everyone. Rahul Dravid won the Dhawan ODI series for the first time in charge of the senior team.

However, Sri Lanka did not make a bad start after winning the toss. The opening pair of Fernando and Vanuatu handled the pacers very well. Captain Vanuka hit 36 ​​off 42 balls with six boundaries. 

Later, Fernando returned to the pavilion with a half-century delivery. But soon after their return, the middle order collapsed. The Indian fast bowlers and spinners did not allow anyone to stay at the crease except Ashalanka. 

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar Kumar and Yuzbendra Chahal took three wickets each. Deepak Chahar took two wickets. The bowlers do not put any flaws in their work, but the top order fails. 

However, Prithvi Shaw is not usually seen in the crowd of heavyweights in the first XI. So he gave a classic performance as soon as he got the opportunity to open the tour of Sri Lanka. 

Then Manish Pandey (37) and Suryakumar Yadav (53) tried to pull the team out of the ditch. But the limelight was taken away by the pair of the eighth wicket. After excellent bowling, Bhuvi and Chahar are the saviors of the team with the bat. 

Perhaps, it was Dravid’s guru mantra of lying on the crease with clenched teeth. The hopeful bowling of Hasaranga was crushed in front of the Indian team. And that is the desired success.

At the same time, Team India has entered the practice match against County Select XI in England under the leadership of Rohit. KL Rahul has set a precedent by scoring a century. 

On the other hand, Chahar won the ODI series in Sri Lanka by playing innings like Dravid. He made his first half-century in ODIs memorable. Sri Lanka had to give in to the indomitable zeal of the Indians.


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