China begins war drills against Taiwan! Is it the start of the 3rd World War? 

China begins war drills against Taiwan! Is it the start of the 3rd World War? 

The whole world is stuck in the corona-thorn. At a time of such crisis, there is a growing concern in World War III’s international arena. At least, that is what China’s move indicates. 

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In the meantime, the Communist Party of China is planning an attack on Taiwan. The idea of ​​the international community is that if a dragon country attacked Taiwan, then the world could witness World War III.

It is known that the Chinese army is conducting regular war games. Recently, the picture of that exercise has also come to the fore. The Red Army is believed to be running the practice with Taiwan in mind. 

However, China has already threatened Taiwan many times. According to sources, the People’s Liberation Army is conducting war games in full force. Rocket launchers are also being part of the exercise. 

China is planning an attack on Taiwan

Experts are saying that this is a preparation for an attack on Taiwan. In this situation, Western countries, including the United States, can stand by Taiwan to stop China. 

Experts are also assuming that there is a danger of a third world war if China attacks Taiwan.

A spokesman for China’s defense ministry said that if Taiwan called for independence again, it would launch an attack on China and create a war situation. 

US Warships in the South China Sea

Meanwhile, the United States has been conducting exercises in the South China Sea by sending warships through the Taiwan Strait, further fueled US tensions with China. 

British Warships in the South China Sea

On the other hand, Britain has also sent warships to the South China Sea, which has caused tensions in the area. In this context, the possibility of a third world war is expected to increase if China invades Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently warned of a third world war, with British warships violating Russian waters. The Putin government is angry with Britain over such allegations. 

Asked if Tensions between the two countries could trigger world War III, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Not at all. 

Even if we had sunk the ship, it would be hard to imagine that the whole world would face World War III. 

Because those who have done it know very well that they will not be able to win, in his words, if there is ever a third world war, Russia will easily win.


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