Pakistan Army Helicopter With 6 Crew Missing in Balochistan

China Made Pakistan Army Helicopter With 6 Crew Missing in Balochistan

Six people were aboard a Pakistani Army chopper on Monday when it went missing in Balochistan. 

According to local media, the helicopter was traveling from Quetta to Karachi as part of flood relief efforts.

According to a tweet from the Pakistani military spokeswoman, search activities are in progress. 

A Pakistan Army Aviation chopper lost communication with ATC while conducting flood relief operations in Lasbela, Balochistan. 

On board were six people, including Commander 12 Corps, who was in charge of the flood relief efforts in Balochistan. An investigation is being conducted, it said.

Over the last week, monsoon rains have pounded Pakistan and caused flash floods that have killed hundreds of people. 

With the most recent death toll of 140, Pakistan has seen 478 rain-related fatalities since June.

Since last week, the military has removed thousands of isolated individuals from the Balochistan province, one of the flood-affected areas. 

Choppers have been sent out by the Pakistani authorities to assist in the rescue efforts.