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Chris Evert reveals an ovarian cancer diagnosis

Chris Evert reveals an ovarian cancer diagnosis. 

LOS ANGELES: The former world’s number 1 Chris Evert said on Friday she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in stage 1 this month.

“I wanted to reveal the stage I ovarian cancer that I was diagnosed with as well as the reasons behind it as a way of helping other patients,” the 67-year-old wrote on Twitter.

“I am extremely grateful that they found it early, and I am expecting favorable results from my chemotherapy strategy.”

In an article published by ESPN, Evert said a malignant tumor was identified during a preventive hysterectomy this month.

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Another operation showed that the cancer was removed by hysterectomy and did not have a chance to spread. After chemotherapy, her doctor stated that there was more than a 90% chance that cancer would not come back.

“I didn’t think I was that satisfied in my life!” Evert told me after receiving the word from her doctor.

Her younger sister and former professional tennis athlete Jeanne Evert Dubin died in a fight against cancer of the ovary in 2020 at 62. Dubin’s cancer was spreading before it was diagnosed.

“When I undergo chemo, she’s my main inspiration,” Evert said in the article.

“I’ll be thinking about her. And she’ll be there to help the best of me.”

Evert was the winner of the 18 Grand Slam singles titles. She is an ESPN tennis broadcaster. 

“Thanks to everyone for recognizing my need to concentrate upon my treatment and health,” the tweet read.

“You will see me on screen from my home at times in ESPN’s live coverage of the Aussie Open.”



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