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Clash Royale adds new champions and reduces upgrade costs in latest content update

Clash Royale adds new champions and reduces upgrade costs in latest content update.

Supercell’s PvP mobile game Clash Royale has just released a massive content update that brings new champions, reduced King Level (KL) experience, and more rewards for fans of the franchise.

As level 14 lands on iOS and Android devices, players can enjoy higher damage/health from King / Princess towers, as well as higher upgrades for cards with lower costs.

In particular, the latest Clash Royale update has reduced the number of cards and gold required for updates. Players will also be compensated for the cards they have already spent by upgrading their stuff earlier.

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New champions have joined the fray as well, bringing exciting new abilities and unique characteristics to the arena. The Archer Queen possesses a “Camouflage Cloak” ability that renders her invisible and increases her rate of fire, dealing massive damage to enemies with her arrows.

The Golden Knight has a “Dashing Dash” ability that allows him to accelerate towards opponents and attack with chain offensives to deal heavy multiple damages.

Lastly, the Skeleton King’s “Soul Summoning” ability allows him to gather dead souls and raise them as skeleton warriors who will do whatever he wants. Players will be able to unlock these new champions upon reaching KL 14, but they will also be able to play with them in special challenges with infinite retries and epic rewards. This includes 10k gold and a free card book, plus other in-game prizes up for grabs in the second part of the challenge.

If you feel like getting into the action and trying out the new champions yourself, you can download Clash Royale on the IOS App Store or in the Google Play Store for Android devices. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

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