Cleveland's Deshaun Watson has been suspended 11 games for not paying fines

Cleveland’s Deshaun Watson has been suspended 11 games for not paying fines.

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, will receive an 11-game suspension without pay and a $5 million fine for breaking the NFL’s conduct code, the league said on Thursday. This is a heavier penalty than the six-game suspension that was originally suggested.

This month, an impartial disciplinarian concluded that Watson had broken “several” league rules. As a result, he was ordered to serve a six-game suspension, but no fine was imposed.

Later, the NFL filed an appeal. According to a person familiar with the matter, the NFL had originally requested a one-year penalty.

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As part of the league and the NFL Players Association agreement, Watson will also serve an enhanced suspension and must attend mandatory therapy.

Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that Deshaun “has committed to performing the hard work on himself that is essential for his return to the NFL.”

A charity set up to stop sexual misconduct, and assault in the US will receive Watson’s penalties and extra donations from the team and the NFL.

Watson expressed his “gratefulness” that the disciplinary process was over in a message published to the Browns’ Twitter account.