Complete Deepwoken Weapons List

Complete Deepwoken Weapons List: Deepwoken is a fantasy-based and permadeath-based game. Permadeath is a word that means that once you’re dead, it will not be possible to respawn within the game.

 The game is a rogue mystery game with a tense story where the characters fight to survive.

 It’s accessible on Roblox for only 400 Robux. Are you unsure of which weapons you can play with for Roblox Deepwoken?

 Scroll to the end of this guide to learn about all the weapons available in Deepwoken.

Deepwoken Weapons List

Below is a complete list of the weapons you can use in combat in Deepwoken. 

This list is likely to be expanded with additional weapons in future updates. 

We’ll ensure that we bring this article up to date with a more extensive list if that happens.


  • The sword is the most commonly used and simplest weapon of all weapons. It’s an excellent weapon to be used by new players. It is also effective in offensive play.
  • You can make use of four types of Swords that are different:
    • Katana
    • Falchion
    • Messer
    • Scimitar


  • Although it is a little less effective than a Sword, a spear is an excellent weapon for maintaining distance from your foes. It’s much more effective when used in close-range combat.
  • Additionally, it can also deal more damage than swords.
  • There are four kinds of spears available:
    • Trident
    • Iron spear
    • Ritual spear
    • Gregorian spear


  • Apart from being faster than other weapons, Dagger is a close-range weapon with minor damage. However, the dagger works well with high-speed magic and effectively takes out opponents with only a few forward-impacting hits.
  • Stiletto dagger Daggers are one of the initial weapon types you can use as a starter. There are three other types of Daggers:
    • Silver Dagger
    • Parrying Dagger
    • Daggers with Gilded


  • Guns are weapons that could cause massive destruction to your adversaries from a medium distance. However, they are compatible with other weapons and can be pretty helpful when you’re low in health.
  • There are three kinds of guns:
    • Dragoon
    • Flintlock
    • Revolver


  • As the name suggests, Hammer, the gun Hammer is a big gun that can deal immense damages to your enemies. However, despite the damage potential, Hammer has a slower speed.
  • You can pair it with high-speed power to compensate for the slowness.


  • The greatsword is among the most formidable weapons that you can master. Once mastered, it can deal massive damage to enemies.
  • It is excellent for it’s excellent for long and mid-range combats.
  • There are two kinds of Greatswords:
    • Zweihander Greatsword
    • Shadow Greatsword


  • Shields protect you from the harm coming from your foes, and aid keeps your armor challenging. It’s an unbeatable defense weapon and can utilize in conjunction with other weapons.
  • There are three kinds of shields:
    • Targe
    • Worshipper’s Shield
    • Kite Shield


  • These weapons are like Hammers in terms of the severe damage they cause.
  • Since it’s a heavier weapon, it is slower but is efficient in moderate and close-range combat.


  • The fist is not an instrument, but they are an ability you’ll need to master through the game.
  • It is a magical process that will allow you to master different martial arts.

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