Complete the Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt

Complete the Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt: Forza Horizon 5 has now gone live with the fresh Speed Machines Treasure Hunt. Unfortunately, the only way to finish this Treasure Hunt, like previous ones, is to decode the provided clue.

Forza Horizon 5’s Speed Machines Treasure Hunt has several requirements below.

How to Complete the Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt

It’s time to interpret the provided hint before beginning the work.

Clue for the Forza Horizon 5 Speed Machines Treasure Hunt

Players are provided with the following hint:

Sport hares from Germany can divide any zone in three because of their quick speed.

It should be evident that you would leave in a fast car since the German portion of the sentence helps to focus the conversation a little bit. This Treasure Hunt is all about speed, after all.

Vehicle from Forza Horizon 5’s Treasure Hunt mode.

Given that obtaining three stars in a speed zone is easy, that hint undoubtedly helps to focus the situation. However, there are many quick German automobiles to select from, making it a little unclear.

Luckily, you may identify it as the Volkswagen Golf GTI 1983 by comparing the backdrop picture of the clue to a car at the Autoshow. Even better, if you don’t already have one, you can get one there for 20,000 credits.

Speed Machines Mission in Forza Horizon 5

Now that the Treasure Hunt activities are in the GTI, it will be tempting to accomplish them. To improve the car’s ability to reach the necessary speeds for what lies ahead. Though, we advise making a few modifications.

It doesn’t matter what changes are necessary to have this GTI moving faster so it can get three stars in a single Speed Zone.

After completing that, it’s time to drive fast and finish the treasure search by earning three stars in a single Speed Zone. Unfortunately, it will be insufficient to accumulate stars throughout many zones.

To win in this situation, you must attain the highest speed for a particular zone.


Treasure Chest Location for Forza Horizon 5’s Speed Machines

The treasure chest’s location will show on the map with an orange marker as soon as you get three stars in a single Speed Zone. So, for example, the purple title indicates the precise position on the map below.

Where is the Forza 5 Horizon speed machine’s treasure chest?

Origin: STEVIO2175

Drive into the chest to complete the task and get 100 Forzathon points and three series points.

The Speed Machines Treasure Hunt may complete in this manner. However, if you’re out of credits and lack the GTI required for this treasure hunt, we advise saving up 20,000 before starting Speed Machines.