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“Concerned” by Beijing’s efforts to intimidate its neighbor’s states, the US, ahead of talks on military relations between China and India.

In advance of the talks between India and China, the United States on Monday

(January 10, 2022) stated that it was concerned by China’s attempts to intimidate its neighbors.

In response to a press conference on the border dispute between China and India, White

House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden’s administration is following

the situation.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely, and we continue to support dialogue and

peaceful resolution of these border disputes,” she said.

“We’ve been pretty clear how we view Beijing’s behavior in the region and around the


We believe it can be destabilizing. And we’re concerned by the PRC’s attempt to intimidate

its neighbors,” Psaki added.

She added she was confident that the US would continue to remain united with our

partners in this regard.

The announcement is made ahead of the fourteenth session of talks between China and

India on the 20-month-long dispute.

The words are likely to begin on the 12th of January at the Chushul-Moldo meeting place,

which is located situated on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control in the eastern

region of Ladakh.

It is reported that the preliminary discussion will be disengagement within the Hot Springs

area, and the Indian side is expected to push for disengagement as soon as is possible for

all remaining conflict areas, including the resolution of disputes regarding Depsang Bulge

and Demchok.

It is worth noting that this is because the 13th meeting of negotiations took place on the

10th of October 2021 and has been unable to reach a consensus.

Both sides were unable to progress during the discussions and India.

The Indian Army said after the debate it was not able to make “constructive suggestions”

made by the Indian Army that was not palatable to the Chinese side, nor could it make

anything “forward-looking” proposals.

The east Ladakh conflict between Indian and the People’s Liberation Army troops started on

the 5th of May in 2020 following an intense confrontation in the Pangong lake area.

Since the war, each side has gradually increased its force by sending in thousands of

soldiers and heavy weapons.

In the meantime, regarding the India-US relationship between the two countries, the White

House Press Secretary said that both governments would be working on an array of

projects this year.

“Back in September, the President hosted President Modi at the White House, and their

meeting was about launching a new chapter in the history of the US-India relationship.

At that time, the two leaders laid out their shared vision for the US-India relationship, and

we’ll continue to work closely this year,” Psaki stated.

“You can expect our governments will be moving forward on a wide-ranging set of

initiatives, from cooperating to fight the pandemic, scaling up action to address climate

change, working bilaterally and through the Quad, expanding our cooperation and trading

investments, cyber and in new and emerging technologies, and continuing to talk about — and,

as always, we are focused on strengthening the deep ties between our people and our

shared democratic values that underpin the relationship. But we’re going to continue to

build from here,” she added.


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