Congress Facing An Exodus In Jammu And Kashmir After Ghulam Nabi Azad's Exit

Due to his departure, the Congress is experiencing an exodus in Ghulam Nabi Azad’s native Jammu and Kashmir. Approximately 100 party officials and leaders are expected to leave today and join Mr. Azad, who intends to create his party.

Several former lawmakers and ministers, including Tara Chand, the former deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, have left the Congress.

“Yes. I’m leaving the Congress and affiliating with Azad Sahib.” Chand, Mr.

Four leaders of the Congress quit their positions on Monday, including the former deputy speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir parliament.

In a scathing resignation letter, Mr. Azad, who has served the Congress for more than 50 years, called out the Gandhis, particularly Rahul Gandhi, for their “childish behaviour” and “immaturity.”

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Since then, more than a dozen influential Congress members, including former ministers and lawmakers, have resigned and declared their support for Mr. Azad.

Many Panchayat members and employees have also declared their support for Mr. Azad.

In Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Azad asserts that 95% of the Congress party activists, Panchayat members, and district development council members have joined him.

The Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the Congress, alarmed by a large number of resignations, has criticized Mr. Azad and predicted that he would follow in the footsteps of Amarinder Singh, a fellow veteran of the Congress. The latter left and founded his party but lost the Punjab election.

The difference, though, is that Mr. Azad, according to his admirers, had practically brought the Congress with him to J&K. At the same time, Amarinder Singh remained isolated when the Congress dismissed him. Only a small number of party officials followed him.

“We see those who quit the party as trash that is now lost. We’ll introduce fresh faces with fresh perspectives “said J&K Congress leader Vikar Rasool.

In an interview with NDTV yesterday, Mr. Azad reiterated his intention to create a party and disclaimed any involvement with the BJP.

“No, neither they nor I will gain anything from my presence. It is not necessary to mention that their vote bank is a specific vote bank. Another specific vote bank is my vote bank “said Mr. Azad.

He said there is “no doubt” about supporting the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir.

The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir said, “If someone understands the ABC of Jammu and Kashmir, they would have realised that neither the BJP nor I would receive any profit if I join with BJP.”