Congress Fields Actor-Model Archana Gautam from Hastinapur In UP Elections

The Congress has a cast of the beauty pageant and actor Archana Gautam from the

Hastinapur district in Meerut district to compete in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Ms. Gautam received a nomination within two months after joining the party. She was a

member of Congress in November 2021.

The party on Thursday put out the initial list of 125 potential candidates for the assembly

elections, which will be held in seven phases across Uttar Pradesh from February 10 and

includes 50 female candidates.

Talking to ANI in ANI on the Friday of last week, the model actor said that if she is elected

to the Hastinapur seat, her main priority will be developing work and promoting tourism.

“Hastinapur is a tourist place, and there are lots of ancient temples, but people cannot

come here because of the connectivity.

The first thing I will do as an MLA is building a bus stand and railway station for

connectivity. Because when tourism increases here, then people will get employment,” she


She also said she would also be working to help farmers.

“Every year because of flood crops are damaged so I will work for that. I will take this

matter to the state assembly.

There is only one sugar mill here, and because of this, farmers face many problems.

So to save their time, I will open more sugar mills,” she explained.

In addition to her bikini-skin pictures, The model Gautam advised people not to mix her

career in the media and her career in politics.


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