Congress says Ajay Maken lost to a BJP-backed media baron

According to the party, the Congress had a brief victory celebration for senior leader Ajay Maken, who won the Haryana Rajya Sabha poll. However, once the Election Commission ordered a recount, the party removed the tweet minutes later.

According to Congress MLA BB Batra, there was a misunderstanding since Mr Maken was previously reported to have received 30 votes but deleted one.

Mr Maken was defeated by media baron Kartikeya Sharma, who ran as an independent and supported the BJP and its affiliate Jannayak Janata Party.

Krishan Lal Panwar of the BJP won Haryana’s second seat.

Mr Panwar received 31 votes, Mr Sharma received 28, and Mr Maken received 29. However, the media tycoon has been declared the winner after some calculations.

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One independent MLA abstained, and one vote was rejected, leaving 88 valid ballots. This indicates that to win, each contender required 29.34 votes. Mr Panwar’s 1.66 votes were cast in favour of Mr Sharma, endorsed by the BJP, 31 to 29.34. Mr Panwar’s second-choice candidate was the media mogul.

As a result, Mr Sharma received 29.66 votes (28 + 1.66).

Mr Maken’s age stayed the same at 29.

“Krishan Lal Panwar and Kartikeya Sharma, the freshly elected Rajya Sabha MPs from Haryana, have my heartfelt congratulations. The candidates’ triumph is a democratic victory. My warmest congratulations on their new roles in developing our beautiful country, “Manohar Lal, the Chief Minister of Haryana, tweeted.

After both parties complained about MLAs breaking the rules while casting ballots, the Election Commission began counting votes at 1 a.m. on Saturday, eight hours late.

After Mr Panwar and Mr Sharma wrote to the Election Commission, alleging that Congress MLAs Kiran Choudhary and BB Batra showed their ballot papers to unauthorised people after marking them.

It was “duly captured” on cameras, but the counting was delayed by at least eight hours – what should have started at 5 p.m. on Friday dragged on until 3.10 a.m. today.

Congress also went to the Election Commission, accusing the BJP of attempting to sabotage the process of a free and fair election and demanding that the results be declared immediately.