Continuous shootouts at a hotel in Medinipur

Continuous shootouts at a hotel in Medinipur, West Bengal.

Medinipur is trending due to the continuous shootouts at a hotel. The first incident took place at a hotel adjacent to National Highway 60 on Saturday.

However, the witnesses said criminals suddenly entered the hotel and started looking for the owner. The gunmen reportedly fired two rounds in front of the cash counter without finding it.

They also beat a hotel employee. Hotel employees claimed that if they did not reach a total of one lakh of rupees before noon on Sunday, they were threatened with death.

The incident sparked widespread unrest in the area. Then the local people sent the news to the police.

The second incident is known to have taken place shortly after. The criminals arrived at the Padmavati crematorium at Mahtabpur in Midnapore after carrying out violence at the hotel.

There, they first began to threaten a person by blocking the barrel of a pistol on his chest. The gunmen then fired a round into the air to intimidate.

They then tried to flee the scene. According to police sources, the criminals were persecuted and detained.

In this regard, the district police superintendent, Dinesh Kumar, said that it was possible to pursue and arrest the criminals after receiving the news.

It is known that the incident of the attack perpetrated by the hitmen at the hotel that day was captured by closed-circuit television cameras.

The police investigation is expected to be somewhat smoother. Approximately three hours after the incident, police from the Medinipur Kotwali Police Station arrived at the hotel and recovered the projectiles from the criminals.

The name of the infamous evil king of Medinipur appears in the incident. However, the police have not yet clarified who is involved in the incident.

The “back to back” shooting during the day and at noon has caused panic in the city of Medinipur.

While it is possible to arrest the perpetrators in this case, the question also arises: many weapons came from in the city’s heart.


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