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Elden Ring Could Not Verify PS Plus Error Fix

Could Not Verify PS Plus Error Fix:  Things were significantly altered and modified in the most recent v1.03 upgrade for Elden Ring to provide a better game experience. The patch reduced weapons, fixed a few bugs, and added new features to the game.

 However, since the most recent v1.03.2 update, players cannot log into the game or access their progress. Your worries are completely understandable for those who have been playing in the mysterious land in Lands Between for a long time.

 But don’t fret. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to resolve the issue of not being able to verify the PlayStation Plus subscription error in Elden Ring.

How can I Fix Cannot verify PlayStation Plus Error in Elden Ring?

  • Though some suggest an upcoming v1.03.2 patch as the cause, it could not be the case. The primary cause for this issue could be the latest update to PlayStation.
  • A tweet notified Elden Ring that the servers would be down during maintenance for more than an hour.
  • The maintenance was extended for a time after they published the notes on the patch. However, when the users were able to connect, their consoles could not connect to PlayStation Plus.
  • It was a massive disappointment for the PlayStation Plus subscribers, and they couldn’t connect to their console.
  • Other games, such as GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, were also affected since players couldn’t access their consoles.
  • PlayStation admitted to the error and said they would investigate the issue immediately.
  • We can do nothing other than sit and wait for Sony to address the issue. Sure, gamers have solved the issue by using specific workarounds.


  • A few players were able to fix this issue via rebooting their PS several times.
  • It is also possible to test logging out and then come back in using PS Plus. PS Plus subscription.
  • You can also track whether the servers on the PlayStation Network’s servers PlayStation Network on their website.
  • We recommend that you not download the most recent software update to the PlayStation If you’re not enabling auto-update.

This article will be updated if we get additional information regarding this from Sony and Elden Ring on this issue.

That’s how to fix confirm PlayStation and subscription errors on Elden Ring. If this guide was helpful to you, be sure to look through our other guides for how to solve the Cinquedea bug, as well as how to solve the Rennala boss battle bug and the best way to fix the Infinite falling Death Loop fix on Elden Ring right here on News Gater.



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