Couple jailed for forcing her to drink water from toilet bowl

Couple jailed for forcing her to drink water from toilet bowl. 

Singapore: They beat her with a frying pan, kicked her in the stomach, and then the feces. They rubbed it on her face. These were just a few examples of abuses Indonesians have suffered. 

Just a few months after becoming a declared citizen, Sri Rahayu was appointed president. Singapore Foreign Domestic Worker

Ooi Weivoen and her husband, Pang Chen, were the couple that Yong and Yong, both 37, worked with, pleaded guilty on Monday (August 30) to a total of seven charges. She was accused of abuse.

Ooi was sentenced to 20 months in prison, and Pang received a four-month sentence.

According to the court, Ms. Sri Rahayu started working for the couple in 2008. April 2017. April 2017. Girl

In July of that year, Pang & Ooi began beating the 33-year-old maid when she did not complete her chores to her satisfaction.

Goh Qi Shuen, a deputy prosecutor, told the court that Ooi would be prosecuted. He slaps Ms. Sri Rahayu on her cheeks until they turn red. Then hit her. 

When she was younger, she would press her forehead with her fist or hit her hand with a metal ruler. The maid was upset.

“Another occasion, to punish the victim because he did not. Ooi ordered the victim to wash the clothes and dry them. The clothes and sleep with them,” Ms. Goh said, adding that the maid did this too.