COVID-19 cases from Australia hit a new record

COVID-19 Cases from Australia hit a new record.  

MELBOURNE: The state of Australia recorded record-breaking numbers of new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday for the third consecutive day. 

The number of cases is increasing in two of the most populous states. But the country’s Prime Secretary Scott Morrison continued to downplay the dangers as the nation relaxed its pandemic restrictions.

New South Wales state reported 2,482 cases of new cases. Victoria state reported 1,504 new cases. And Queensland state announced 31 new cases on Saturday and surpassed Austalia’s previous record of 3,820 cases earlier.

Morrison said on Saturday that the emphasis should be placed on cases of hospitalization and intensive care and ventilators instead of an actual number of cases as the country is taught to live with the disease.

So far, he stated the growing numbers of patients within New South Wales were not putting pressure on hospitals. Only 26 patients were being treated in intensive treatment.

“I would not agree with you that Australians have become complacent about this. We take this seriously. It is best handled with calmness and a well-defined strategy,” Morrison said at the media conference in Hobart in the state Tasmania. of Tasmania.

He added that Australia is not in the same position as those in the United Kingdom, Europe, or North America, where cases are rising.

In the most recent easing of restrictions on pandemics, completely vaccinated foreign travelers who arrive within Sydney and Melbourne are no longer required to stay in isolation in 72 hours, authorities of New South Wales and Victoria declared on Friday.

Travelers arriving will need to undergo a PCR check within the first 24 hours after arriving. After that, however, they will only be required to test for a specific PCR until they get a positive test result.

“We are aware that this has been a tough time for international travel, with new regulations and the rise in the Omicron variant. 

However, this announcement is about easing the process and ensuring that Australia’s two major cities are following the same approach to travel,” New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said in a statement.

Australia has shut its borders shortly after the pandemic struck in 2020. This has kept the COVID-19 numbers down compared to other nations with higher levels. 

Australia has reported about 239,000 cases and around 2,130 deaths.