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COVID-19 Cases in Canada Reported 9000 on Monday

COVID-19 Cases in Canada Reported 9000 on Monday. 

Ottawa: COVID-19 cases in Canada continued to rise this Monday (December 20, 20, 2021) in the same way that the Omicron variant quickly gained traction throughout the country.

According to CTV, Canada has reported 9,294 new COVID-19 cases on Monday afternoon, bringing the total to 1,892,511 patients with 30054 deaths.

Quebec, a populated province of Canada, has reported 4,571 cases of COVID-19 patients on Monday. 

The majority of instances of COVID-19 on one day in the wake of new measures designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 Omicron variant take effect.

Of the 4,471 cases, 1,258 were non-vaccinated 2,20 came from those who had received a single dose. 

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In addition, 3,093 cases came from those who had the second vaccine shot less than seven days earlier.

The Quebec government shuts off several public spaces Monday night, including bars, casinos, taverns, and taverns. Gyms, theatres, and even schools since cases of COVID-19 are soaring. Those establishments will close at 5.30 p.m. Tuesday.

Quebec Minister Francois Legault announced the new restrictions this week amid an increase in the number of cases and forecasts that showed that an already fragile health system could become overwhelmed in weeks.

In addition to measures to reduce contact, Quebec is accelerating its introduction in booster doses. 

At the beginning of Monday, Quebecers aged 65+ can make an appointment for the third dose.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in the province, it has reported 490,294 cases and 452,509 recoveries, and 11642 deaths.

Quebec also established a record in the rate of positivity in new instances. The current rate is 10.1 percent. 

Additionally, Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, reported 3,783 brand new COVID-19 cases Monday as the rate of positivity was at a record high since May’s beginning.

In the 3783 cases of new infections reported on Monday, there were 471 cases identified in children younger than 12 years old. 

The province also reported 381 cases among teens between 12 and 19 and 1,633 cases among 20 to 39.

The latest count of cases comes one day after the provincial government announced the highest daily count since the end of April, with 4177 new cases. 

Before that, officials confirmed that there were 3,301 cases added on Saturday, 3124 on Friday, and 2.421 on Thursday.

Today, the report increases the amount of lab-confirmed cancer cases in Ontario up to 653,727. That includes deaths and recovery.

Manitoba province has confirmed 809 fresh COVID-19 patients on the morning of Monday.


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