COVID hospitalizations increases in New York

COVID hospitalizations increases in New York.

There are now more than 11,500 New Yorkers hospitalized across the state. However, a closer look at hospital records shows that thousands are not there due to serious COVID issues, such as shortness of breath.

Hochul said an analysis of Wednesday’s hospitalization revealed that 42% of COVID patients came to the hospital for a different reason. In New York City, the number was higher, about 50%.

She said COVID testing, which has become a routine part of hospital admissions for everything from a broken bone to a burst appendix, marked the cases. About 37% of the people diagnosed in the hospital were asymptomatic.

Dr. Steven Corwin, president and CEO of the New York-Presbyterian system, explained that it does mean a lot more COVID cases overall than last winter, but “a lot less in the form of cases in ICUs and a lot less in the form of patients requiring ventilators. ”

“The patients who require ICU are older, sicker, and mostly unvaccinated,” Corwin said. “Very, very rare to see someone admitted that they have had a booster.”

This is helping Hochul order all healthcare workers to receive their booster shot within two weeks of being eligible. He rejected the idea that it would lead to the loss of more healthcare workers, saying the biggest risk is too many workers contracting COVID.

“I think their opinion is that they did it once, they will do it again,” Hochul said. “So we don’t think it’s going to be the level of challenge that we saw in the first round. [with the initial mandate]. ”

Health leaders remain deeply concerned about two vulnerable groups: the elderly and children.

Children hospitalized at higher rates than at any other time during the pandemic, especially the unvaccinated. Children under the age of five are not yet eligible.

COVID is also showing up in nursing facilities. On Friday, Hochul ordered anyone visiting a nursing home to obtain a negative test within 24 hours of their visit and wear an upgraded medical-grade mask.


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