Cyclone Asani: Two visitors drown in West Bengal, warns fisherman not to go out

On Sunday (May 8, 2022), two visitors, one of them was a woman, drowned in the water in West Bengal’s Purba Medinipur district, according to the PTI news agency.

The event occurred in Mandarmani, and both tourists were inhabitants of Kolkata’s Park Circus neighborhood.

Their remains have been found and submitted for post-mortem, according to a police officer from the village’s coastal police station.

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“They had reportedly gone beyond the sea beach and stepped into the ocean, where they were pushed into the sea under turbulent conditions. Hearing their shouts, disaster management officers on the scene as part of preventive steps as Cyclone Asani approached dived into the sea to save them. When they were taken to the beach, however, both had perished “According to the PTI, an official said.

“The district government has been warning visitors to stay away from the sea at Mandarmani, Digha, Shankarpur, and Talsari, all tourist destinations in Purba Medinipur district, since Sunday afternoon,” a Digha Development Authority official said.

Cyclone Asani is roaring in the Bay of Bengal and is expected to diminish before landfall.

On Monday, severe cyclonic storm Asani in the Bay of Bengal was heading towards coastal Andhra Pradesh and Odisha at 25 kilometers per hour. Still, it was forecast to decrease gradually over the following two days.

At 5:30 a.m. on Monday, the cyclonic storm was centered approximately 550 kilometers southeast of Vishakhapatnam and 680 kilometers south-southeast of Puri, according to a special advisory issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

“It’s highly likely to proceed northwestwards till Tuesday, reaching Westcentral and neighboring Northwest Bay of Bengal near the beaches of North Andhra Pradesh and Odisha,” the meteorological office said, according to PTI.

“Following that, it will most likely recurve north-northeastwards and proceed towards the Northwest Bay of Bengal off the coast of Odisha. During the following 48 hours, it is expected to progressively diminish into a Cyclonic Storm “According to the PTI,

According to IMD Director-General Mrutunjay Mohapatra, the system would not allow landfall in Odisha or Andhra Pradesh. He predicted that the storm would track parallel to the east coast and bring rain starting Tuesday evening.

The meteorological service warned that extremely high sea conditions were anticipated to persist over the west-central and neighboring south Bay of Bengal, adding that fishers should avoid the area for the next several days.

Coastal Odisha and neighboring portions of north coastal Andhra Pradesh are predicted to experience mild to moderate rainfall from Tuesday evening due to the cyclone’s effect, according to the forecast office.